Bring Your Business Processes to Life With LiveModel

Business Process Management

LiveModel is a state-of-the-art environment for designing, evaluating and optimizing the business processes that power your business.

Using an intuitive graphical user interface, LiveModel provides a complete representation of your business, from divisional responsibility, through processes and roles, all the way down to the software transactions that automate your business processes. All of this incorporates the proper context of roles and responsibilities.

LiveModel includes tools for simplifying business process management tasks. Many different diagram types are supported including:

  • Decomposition
  • Cross-functional flow
  • Swimlane
  • Tree
  • Matrix

The diagrams are highly configurable and respond automatically to changes in the model.

A number of advanced features have been specifically designed to help companies that adopt a 'template' approach to their SAP rollout. Global best practices may be captured as templates from which variants are declared to accommodate local needs, for example, country-specific regulatory requirements. Variants and templates may be compared side-by-side to determine the differences, and tools exist to either promote localisations to the global template or integrate a global change into local process definitions.

Third-party integrations with HP ALM (Quality Center), SAP Solution Manager and Microsoft SharePoint enable the reuse of business process assets across the lifecycle.

Bring your business processes to life with LiveModel.

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