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Use LiveCompare to identify what to test, why to test, what test assets are available and where there are gaps.

LiveCompare replaces costly, time-consuming, manual testing processes with an automated impact analysis that will drive answers to key testing questions in a fraction of the time, reducing the cost of SAP maintenance.

Change is the one constant in the SAP lifecycle. Change comes from many directions and takes many forms. Changes from SAP include support packs, enhancement packs and version upgrades. Internal changes include emergency fixes and custom releases. With any SAP change event comes large amounts of testing.

LiveCompare helps you develop a testing method to detect, prevent, and control risk to production. Be certain that when you promote a change through to production, it won't have any unexpected impact elsewhere on the system.

Integration with HP Quality Center

IntelliCorp offers a complete “implementation-to-test” solution that tackles the challenges of validating change to SAP systems. By integrating IntelliCorp software into an SAP testing strategy, IT teams can respond to business requirements faster, with fewer resources and with minimal disruption to the business.

  1. LiveModel is a web-based application, connecting to both HP Quality Center and SAP to automatically discover business processes in use, turn these into business process test requirements and build test plans. This integration saves time and ensures that test plans match the business processes.
  2. LiveCompare analyzes SAP change and reports the most at-risk transactions. This typically reduces testing scope by 80%. In addition, LiveCompare scans HP Quality Center projects to find relevant test assets and highlight gaps in the test coverage. LiveCompare also creates a test lab containing the matched test assets.

Integration with IBM Rational Quality Manager

LiveCompare integrates with IBM Rational Quality Manager to automatically identify test assets, highlight gaps and aggregate the available assets into one or more test suites to facilitate SAP change validation. This integration enables users to focus time and resources on what really needs testing, improving quality, reducing risk and enabling agile business practices.

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