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    Software for organizations who want to adopt a smart DevOps approach to SAP change management.
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How We Help

IntelliCorp’s smart software for SAP applications, LiveCompare, is the catalyst for change, for organizations who want to cut their SAP application labor costs by at least 50%.

Our smart impact analysis apps make analyzing the impact of change on people, processes and systems easy.

"LiveCompare reduced our external consulting costs by 89%"
"We reduced testing by 85% and increased release days by 40%"
"We applied 8 years of supports packs, with zero defects"
"LiveCompare automated our SAP license analysis from 80 hours to just 1 hour"

How We Do It

Our software automates the time consuming, error prone, manual analysis associated with SAP applications development, testing, and operations. This automated approach to impact analysis, data analysis and reporting, reduces labor costs by at least 50%. Cut your external consulting costs; redirect internal resources to more valuable activities. The choice is yours.

Working With Global Brands

To provide a catalyst for SAP application change.

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