Why IntelliCorp?

Companies running SAP applications love our software because they save at least 50% of labor costs. Testing efforts are reduced by 85% and there are zero defects on go-live. But don’t take our word for it – test our software in your own environment and speak with our customers.

We Use Our Own Software

This keeps us honest and eliminates the usual gap between vendor and customer.

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Our Software Has to Work

We have no consultants with a plan B to fill gaps in functionality with services.

We Are a Small Company

We try harder to earn your trust and develop long-lasting partnership.

Great Place to Work

17 years is the average time served by an IntelliCorp product engineer.

Global Reach
We Have Global Reach

Our offices in the U.S. and U.K. and partner network provide access to specialists.

Legendary Technical Support

We take it personally if our software fails to meet expectations. We do everything possible to make it right.

Our Story



We continue to build on our rich heritage focusing exclusively on developing smart technology to meet the SAP application cycle management needs of leading companies, organizations and system integrators.


In 2006 we embarked on a project to unify the best of the Assessor apps and LiveCompare. We wanted to combine the ease-of-use of an application with the power and flexibility of a tool. In March 2007, we released the next generation LiveCompare. Built on a flexible workflow platform, LiveCompare expanded our support for smart lifecycle management to everything from Audits to Upgrades.


We launched a suite of applications under the “Assessor” brand in 2004. These applications focused on specific lifecycle events, such as support packs and upgrades. Where LiveCompare was complex, the Assessor apps were simple. Where the Assessor apps lacked flexibility, LiveCompare offered freedom.


LiveCompare, released in 2001, marked our first entry into the “smart lifecycle management” marketplace. Back then its ability to compare a transaction and all its sub-objects was a pretty neat idea. Following a fixed workflow of: retrieve, compare and report, LiveCompare provided technical users with a tool to explore the changes across SAP systems and releases.


The emergence of OO in the late 80s and early 90s as a new way to build sophisticated software created an opportunity to redevelop the core technology for a new generation of application engineers. Like KEE before it, the now C-based Kappa (later PowerModel) was used to build a wide-range of apps in many problem domains.

In the mid-90s we joined with SAP as a development partner creating technology to simplify the implementation of SAP applications for end-users. We collaborated on more than a dozen projects before turning our attention exclusively to the needs of end-users.


IntelliCorp was founded in 1983 to create smart technology to meet the growing technical needs of geneticists. The technology we developed was generally useful at representing knowledge in software and KEE (Knowledge Engineering Environment) was born. Based on LISP, KEE was used by numerous companies and organizations to build expert systems to support their knowledge workers.

Our Great Customers

Phillips 66
Coca Cola
Country of San Luis Obyspo

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