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How to Roll Out SAP Application Changes Faster with Zero Defects

 Today on the blog, we share with you the benefits of using LiveCompare’s Release Assurance app to support the operations stage of Smart DevOps. Release Assurance maximizes the integrity of every production release, helping users deploy SAP application..

Everything You Need to Know About LiveCompare's Impact App

What You Need to Know about LiveCompare's Code Watch App


How Salt River Project Implements SAP EHP8 and SAP HANA While  Reducing Testing


To start off the New Year, we’d like to share with you the latest customer story where one of our customers decreased testing cycles and increased quality using our software, LiveCompare.

3 LiveCompare Apps that Will Enable Smart DevOps for SAP in 2019


 Last year we ran a blog series about smart DevOps and how our software helps you adopt this approach, specifically related to SAP applications. You can catch up on the blog post series here, or download the smart DevOps eBook hereIn 2019, we..