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11 Reasons Why all Organizations Running SAP Applications Should Use LiveCompare

11 Reasons Why all Organizations Running SAP Applications Should Use LiveCompare
IntelliCorp was founded in 1983 to create smart simulation software in the area of genetics. The software was generally useful for knowledge representation and reasoning, and led to our pioneering development of a range of artificial intelligence (AI) software. In the mid-90s we moved to specialize in the SAP marketplace, developing a range of smart tools designed to automate lots of the manual work involved with SAP application analysis. Our work in this area has allowed us to create the most powerful smart lifecycle management software for SAP applications: LiveCompare .

Today on the blog we share with you eleven reasons why organizations choose LiveCompare over alternative options for managing SAP application change.  

1.    LiveCompare speeds up time to market

Using LiveCompare, organizations deliver change to the business fast and with zero defects . Companies we work with increased the number of production release days by 40% per year. They use LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis to analyze the impact of change automatically. Test scope is reduced, defects are eliminated and releases to production are more frequent requiring zero re-work so no back log develops.
2.    LiveCompare saves organizations money 

Companies set up N+ landscapes so they can use one or more DEV and QA environments to support long term projects as well as emergency fixes. Because the landscapes are separate, it’s easy for changes in one landscape to be forgotten in another. It’s quite possible for defects to re-emerge months after they were fixed because the change wasn’t integrated into a longer running project landscape. One company we work with use LiveCompare to eliminate the need for an N+ landscape. They use LiveCompare to support the constant flow of change without compromising quality. They make over 6000 changes per year across more than 100 SAP systems. LiveCompare flags issues fast and accurately, meaning there is no need for an N+1 landscape. This saves huge amounts of time and money when delivering change to the business. 
3.    LiveCompare is easy to implement

LiveCompare is easy to implement. You can go from download to a completed installation in less than 1 hour. 

4.    LiveCompare is easy-to-use

LiveCompare comes equipped with a library of 200+ pre-built analyses that can be used immediately in any custom or industry specific SAP environment. Pick an app, point it at your SAP systems and run. LiveCompare produces high-level summary dashboards with detailed underlying reports, and real-time drill down into code and/or table content – perfect for the business and technical teams. 

livecompare panaya impact analysis SAP tool for HANA upgrades

5.    LiveCompare is great value

LiveCompare is great value because it is so easy to implement and use. There’s no lengthy training and you don’t need consulting services. IntelliCorp will teach you to be self-sufficient in the use of the software ensuring you get value from day 1. 

6.    LiveCompare produces great results

LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis is proven to reduce SAP application testing scope by at least 85%. We benchmarked 15 customers through a range of SAP upgrades and found:
livecompare panaya impact analysis SAP tool for HANA upgrades
Other return on investment examples include:

Customer Example 1 : Within just a few minutes (the time taken to run an app), LiveCompare had identified 311 time entry user licenses which could be eliminated. 

At a cost of $2500 per license, eliminating 311 licenses resulted in a saving of over $700,000 per year in license fees. These licenses could be traded for self-service licenses.

Customer Example 2 : Expense of resolving production issues. “We had a production issue occur and we resolved it in 4 hours with 1 resource using LiveCompare. Without LiveCompare, it would have taken us at least a full day to figure out the issue and probably 5 resources. That instance in itself probably saved us $500K from lost worker time, since all the workers using the SAP system could not perform their jobs until the system was back up.”

7.    LiveCompare supports the whole SAP application lifecycle

LiveCompare is not just for upgrades. It supports everything from audits to SAP HANA upgrades. The intuitive app-based interface allows all members of the SAP team (technical and functional) to perform ad-hoc self-service analyses anytime, anywhere and on any device. For more information on 20 of the top areas LiveCompare supports, take a read here .

livecompare panaya impact analysis SAP tool for HANA upgrades
8.    LiveCompare is easy to customize

One of the great things about LiveCompare is that its workflow platform is extremely flexible. You can use it to build your own custom analyses without any ABAP coding. The built-in LiveCompare Studio provides full access to the features of the platform and lets users customize the standard apps, use any app from our community site and assemble their own apps.

The best way to think about workflows is to think back to the fun time you had playing with Lego® models. LiveCompare workflows capture the same visual and interactive experience. It’s just that instead of a house or a boat or a spaceship you make an app that alerts you to objects that need to be retro fitted from BAU to project or opportunities to make best use of your SAP licenses. OK, so maybe not quite as much fun as playing with Lego! But much more valuable.

9.    LiveCompare does not require consulting services 

IntelliCorp doesn’t do services. Our software is easy and flexible to use. If you do need help though, our application engineers and support team are on hand for questions and mentoring.
With an average tenure of 16 years and more than 20 years’ SAP experience, our application engineers have worked with 100s of companies to help them get the most from their investment in LiveCompare.

“One of the best things about the products and company is their support. This has been one of the best investments we have made in software in a long time.” Read more SAP App Center Reviews here .

10.    LiveCompare integrates with HPE ALM to deliver a complete solution to SAP application testing
One key feature of LiveCompare is its ability to integrate with HPE ALM. LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis scans HPE ALM projects to discover what’s testable and where there are gaps. 
For more information on how LiveCompare identifies the most-at-risk objects to test, take a read here .

11.    LiveCompare is used by many global brands 

Some of the largest global brands run LiveCompare to better run their SAP applications and businesses. 

Here is a summary of some of the brands we work with across industries and based on the FTSE and Fortune 100 companies. 
livecompare panaya impact analysis SAP tool for HANA upgrades
You can also take a read of some of the published case studies here , and have a look at some of the approved customer logos on our website !
livecompare panaya impact analysis SAP tool for HANA upgrades
Want to find out more and book a demo? Contact us today to see LiveCompare in action.