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5 Unique Ways Our Customers Use LiveCompare

5 Unique Ways Our Customers Use LiveCompare

If you know and love LiveCompare for it’s ability to identify the most-at-risk transactions to test when making change to SAP applications, then we're already off to a great start! Today though, I’d like to share with you FIVE other ways you can use LiveCompare to help you implement change faster with zero defects.

Typically customers use LiveCompare to support an upgrade or support pack, but there are literally hundreds of other analysis apps that can make your life a lot easier when it comes to SAP applications.

HCM Analysis: Compare InfoType records from two SAP systems: Comparing SAP tables manually can take a long time and is prone to error. By using LiveCompare you can compare InfoType tables across systems.

EWM Analysis – identifying the most at risk actions to test: If you run SAP’s Supply Chain Management Extended Warehouse Management Module then you probably know that it isn’t easy to test the RFUI transaction. LiveCompare will tell you the exact ACTIONS that you need to go and test, saving you loads of time and effort!

Keep data synchronized across SAP systems: Many companies we work with run multiple SAP systems. Keeping them synchronized can be a real headache. One are that LiveCompare can really help is with the synchronization of code, configuration and data across your landscape. When a difference is found, proactive alerts are emailed out so you can act immediately.

Extracting SAP data for Financial Audits: One thing LiveCompare is really good at is extracting data and making sense of that data. We have a number of customers using LiveCompare to extract low-level transaction data for comparison with agreed business policies. Some customers share this data and method with their external auditor to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of external audits.

License analysis: To round up our five unique analysis areas, we end on license analysis. Yes there are other tools out there on the market but if you have LiveCompare, why buy another tool?! Simply use the apps within LiveCompare to identify what licenses you have in play across your SAP landscape. This information can be given to your finance team for budgeting of licenses.