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Identify the Most-at-Risk Transactions to Test - The Magic of LiveCompare!

Often when asked how LiveCompare identifies the most-at-risk transactions to test, I simply say “it’s magic”. Now I appreciate you’re probably looking for a bit more detail, but a magician doesn’t reveal their tricks right? Well today I do share with you how the magic of LiveCompare works. We recently exhibited at the UK and Ireland User Group Conference in Birmingham and had our very own magician, Sam Hurst, perform magic at our stand. You can check out one of the tricks here.

Identify the Most-at-Risk Transactions to Test - The Magic of LiveCompare!

The tricks Sam performed at the conference can be applied to your SAP systems when you think about it – keeping systems synchronized, finding the custom code that will be impacted by change and identifying exactly what to test.

LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis reduces test scope by at least 85%.

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To reduce your testing by this much, LiveCompare looks at three key factors, in order of importance:

• How critical these transactions are to the business

• Their depth. And by depth, LiveCompare will analyse all the dependencies between changing objects and used objects to give you an optimal set of transactions to test to ensure all objects are covered.

• And how often transactions are used by the business.

LiveCompare crunches through your SAP data and provides reports which will tell you exactly what to test and why. Want to find out more?Contact us today to book a demo or take a look at this five minute video.

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