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IntelliCorp Support the San Jose Turkey Trot!

authorIcon By B Taunt
This Thanksgiving was my first year running with IntelliCorp at the Silicon Valley 5K Turkey Trot in downtown San Jose . IntelliCorp have participated in the race for the last four years. To be honest I wasn’t jumping for joy at 6am! It was a crisp November morning and I had to push myself to get ready for running 5k in the cold.
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Arriving to the park, tents were set up for companies competing in the Fittest Firm Challenge. We had our tent set up here with a number of other Silicon Valley businesses. IntelliCorp employees and families huddled in the cold before the 5K and 10K races started. There was a real buzz in the air and everyone was excited to start the races and join the rest of the community on this early Thanksgiving morning.

25,000 people participate across the races each year. Crowds began filling up the park and race area and people were dressed in their green and red Turkey Trot shirts. Many people were dressed in costumes like turkeys, superheroes, and even inflatable tyrannosaurus rex costumes!   
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The Turkey Trot benefits several organizations including the Healthier Kids Foundation Santa Clara County, Housing Trust Silicon Valley, Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County and The Health Trust.

Several races take place on this day, including the elite runners. The elite runners were warming up in ways I had never seen before; upside down, on their backs and on their heads! It made us all a little nervous seeing how prepared they were. Although their enthusiasm pumped us up as well as the caffeine kick from Starbucks!
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The 5K and 10K participants were separated into different blocks in the downtown area, each released at different times from the starting line. The longer people waited, the more people started dancing around, trying to keep themselves warm and energetic for the race. As soon as our block was released, everyone started running. The children were the most enthusiastic, running as fast as their legs could carry them. It was incredible to see everyone taking part and having fun. The runners were cheered on by the crowds lining the streets of San Jose.

The greatest feeling was seeing the finish line and sprinting down the block with the other runners! The crowds were yelling “you can do it” all the way. As soon as we passed under the finish line, we were awarded with smiles and gold medals. 

When we got back to the Fittest Firm area and the IntelliCorp tent, people came over to congratulate us and grab some of our giveaways. 
IntelliCorp Support the San Jose Turkey Trot!
The Turkey Trot was an encouraging event that showed the love for the community as well as dedication to support others during the holiday season. IntelliCorp strives to benefit the local community and gather its own employees to come together for a good cause and fun event every year.