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How to Reduce SAP Application Testing by 85%

authorIcon By E Dowey
I’ve worked in the SAP space for ten years and I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who didn’t make change to their SAP applications. I’ve spoken to companies who want to try and maintain a vanilla landscape but in terms of introducing change, that’s never going to stop. If you’re making change to SAP applications then you need to test that change. And there seems to be more and more pressure on IT to implement change faster , with zero defects . If we make change to SAP applications then we need to be confident those changes won’t break production. How can we do that without testing and checking everything? The traditional “test everything” approach takes a lot of time and effort. Would some sort of automated analysis be on your wish list for the new year?

Today I’m going to explain how IntelliCorp’s LiveCompare software will reduce your testing effort by 85%. And even better, it will help ensure zero defects when you go-live. I know that claim sounds a little far-fetched but when speaking with our customers, this really has been the case. In fact a number of companies we work with have actually increased the frequency at which they release change to production purely because LiveCompare can tell them what the impact will be. By using LiveCompare, they can adopt an agile approach to SAP change management, implementing changes as and when they need to rather than bundling them up into quarterly releases or even less frequent updates.
SAP application change and release cycle frequency
If you’re still with me then you are probably thinking “but how does LiveCompare do this analysis?” As it’s the season of giving, I will explain. LiveCompare looks at three key factors to determine exactly which transactions you need to test when making change:

•    How critical are transactions are to the business?
•    Relationship between the changing and used objects (we refer to this as “depth”).
•    How often transactions are used by the business?

LiveCompare crunches through your SAP data (what’s used, what’s changing and how all the objects are linked) and provides reports which will tell you exactly what to test and why. If you use HPE ALM/Quality Center then use LiveCompare to tell you which tests to run, and identify where you have gaps in your tests.  For a five minute overview video, take a look here .
We currently work with a company in the aerospace and defence industry who, before using LiveCompare, categorized their changes as low, medium and high risk. Anything categorized as LOW simply didn’t get tested. Medium risk changes got some testing and high risk changes got extensive testing. This setup didn’t work because the majority of changes were flagged as low, meaning zero testing.  During one recent release, this approach resulted in a four hour production shut down. As you can imagine, this isn’t ideal. By using LiveCompare they now have a factual way of understanding what needs to be tested and can ensure changes are moved to production with zero risk.

If you want to analyze the impact of SAP application change fast, accurately and with zero defects then put LiveCompare on your 2017 wish list. Contact us today to book a demo and we’d be happy to show you LiveCompare in action.