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A Guide to Better Managing SAP Basis Tasks in 2017

authorIcon By E Dowey
At IntelliCorp we recognize that SAP Basis teams are the unsung heroes of SAP implementations. From system monitoring to problem solving, from testing to security and audit analysis, Basis teams do a lot.

IntelliCorp’s LiveCompare software can help. Using LiveCompare, Basis teams can automate a lot of the tasks they would otherwise perform manually. 
Using LiveCompare for SAP basis analysis tasks and security
Our customers use LiveCompare for basis analysis to ensure systems stay on 24/7. Some of the main use cases include: 
•Landscape synchronization
•Short dump categorization and root cause analysis
•Role and profile definitions and user assignments
•Transport overwrites, overtakes and leave-behinds
•Multi-system reporting
•Application health check
•Conduct security Impact analysis
•Identify dormant users
•Monitor user lock status
•SAP license management 
•Control SAP_ALL
•Monitor and compare users and roles
•Monitor authorization usage
•Monitor response time for interactive SAP transactions and batch jobs.
•Track SAP application usage by user and application
•Track changes to key configuration settings
•Archive performance history data
•Simplify production problem resolution
From rapid release management of emergency fixes in BAU to integrating multiple project streams and eliminating dreaded overtakes and leave behinds – LiveCompare has your Basis needs covered in 2017.

 “LiveCompare supports so many people in our organization, enabling them to do their work faster, with zero risk. If we took LiveCompare away, there would be an uprising.” Basis and Tools Team at a large manufacturing organization. 
SAP basis analysis security software devops
If you want to speed up SAP basis tasks in 2017 then add LiveCompare to your wish list! Contact us now to book a demo or find out more on our website .