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3 SAP Application Lifecycle Resolutions For 2017!

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Each New Year I vow to move more and eat healthy . And come February I go back to doing the same I always did. Because it’s easy and because it’s familiar. The same could be said of how we manage our SAP systems. How can we move more change and maintain healthy landscapes? It’s easy to carry on doing the same things we’ve always done – test everything and manually analyse systems and code. But what changes can we make that will speed up the movement of change? And how can we ensure healthy SAP applications throughout the year?
Here I share three New Year resolutions, using IntelliCorp's LiveCompare   software, to get 2017 off to a great start.
Resolution #1 – Get Moving! Go Faster!

There’s never been more pressure on businesses to go faster , do more with less and ensure zero defects . If you want to upgrade, implement support packs or simply want to run and maintain your SAP system this year, you want to be able to do it fast and with zero risk to the business. One way of adopting a more agile approach to SAP change and release management is to look at ways to automate your manual processes.
Do you test everything when you introduce change to your system? Do you spend time manually analyzing data? LiveCompare will automate these tasks for you, providing fast, accurate results. Make it your number one priority in 2017 to automate.

A recent customer told me:
“My main objective is to be able to improve the speed at which I can deliver quality changes to our production system. I want to identify key areas, objects and transactions that are impacted by a change.”

This customer now uses LiveCompare to speed up their pace of change. For more information on testing, take a look here .
3 SAP Application Lifecycle Resolutions For 2017!

Resolution #2 – Clean Up Code

If you have established SAP applications then you no doubt have custom code . Get a grip on your SAP custom code in 2017 using LiveCompare. 

LiveCompare finds all the custom code that will break; all the duplicates to eliminate; all the clones that can be returned to standard; all the unused objects to retire; all the complex custom code to refactor; all the unsecure custom code; all the slow code and all the out-of-date code.
For more information on custom code analysis, take a look here .

Resolution #3 – Healthy SAP Applications

Aim to keep your SAP applications healthy all year , not just only until February. When looking at software that will automate tasks, look at the long term value. If you’re making change all year then consider using a tool that will help you not only in those major projects but throughout the whole lifecycle of change.

Our customers use LiveCompare for a range of SAP analysis tasks, from audit analysis to upgrade analysis. Take a look at our InfoCards to find out more about the lifecycle events we support.
3 SAP Application Lifecycle Resolutions For 2017!