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The Perfect Gift for C-Level Executives in 2017

As it is the festive season, we continue our “gift guide” posts this week. We then take a break for the Holidays and will be back on 30 Dec with our tips and tricks for smart SAP application lifecycle management in 2017.
Today we focus on gifts for C-level executives . What do you get the person who seemingly has everything? From the companies that we speak there are three common themes:

•    CEOs care about time-to-market (it’s all about the revenue)
•    CFOs care about the cost-to-market (it’s all about the expense and risk)
•    CIOs are caught between the rock (CEO) and hard place (CFO)

How can CIOs and their IT organization satisfy the conflicting needs of the CEO and CFO and deliver a Happy New Year to all?
When it comes to SAP applications, CIO’s and their teams answer this question using LiveCompare – IntelliCorp’s smart SAP application lifecycle management software.
Below, I outline a few examples from customers who have saved time, saved money and sped up change.
reducing time spent testing sap application change upgrades hana management

The gift of time
One company we work with delivers reports to the finance team regarding SAP license use. Before using LiveCompare, this analysis was done manually and took around 80 person hours. Using LiveCompare, the report is generated in ONE hour . A whopping 98.7% reduction in the time to get this analysis! Not only that, but the report is more accurate, enabling better business decisions. 
reduce the cost of sap application change budget forecasting cfo finance
Show me the money

Without precise management of software license use, organizations risk duplicating users, unused licenses or misclassified users – increasing the cost of their SAP investment. In the past, organizations used manual and risky methods to understand license needs. Or perhaps even guess their license needs. One LiveCompare customer saved over $700,000 PER YEAR in just a few minutes using LiveCompare to automatically identify time entry only users. LiveCompare gave them to ability to budget correctly for license needs and reduce on-going software costs.
Speed up the pace of sap application change sap hana s/4 hana impact change analysis
Go Faster

One customer we work with used LiveCompare to adopt an agile change philosophy. They put around 6000 changes into production every year and introduce change daily, without compromising quality. How do they do this? They use a number of LiveCompare apps to provide detailed analysis into the impact of change on their SAP systems.

LiveCompare reports include:
•    SAP application change history, including changes to business critical data.
•    Metrics around transports and objects to tell them if the volume of change is increasing or decreasing. 
•    Audit analysis. LiveCompare identifies all transports that moved through to production within a specific time period. The reports identify who approved a change, when the change went live and whether there was a change request in SAP’s Solution Manager. 
•    Security analysis to identify users that have SAP-ALL access.
•    Cross system comparison report save a lot of time trying to analyze the differences between multiple projects streams. LiveCompare identifies the differences in code and configuration for every transport to every path to production. 
•    Master data synchronization across other SAP applications such as BW, HCM and SCM.
reduce risk of sap application change solution manager software
Reduce Risk

We currently work with a company in the aerospace and defence industry who, before using LiveCompare, categorized their changes as low, medium and high risk. Anything categorized as LOW simply didn’t get tested. Medium risk changes got some testing and high risk changes got extensive testing. This setup didn’t work because the majority of changes were flagged as low, meaning zero testing.  This approach resulted in a four hour production shut down. By using LiveCompare they now have a factual way of understanding what needs to be tested and can ensure changes are moved to production with zero risk.
Agile SAP in 2017

By using LiveCompare, our customers are able to adopt agile SAP lifecycle management practices and roll out change as and when they need to. The thought of more releases may fill you with dread but by using LiveCompare, companies can identify the impact of change automatically. 
So there you have it. A quick guide to the perfect C-level gift this year. If you aren’t convinced, contact us today to take a look at LiveCompare in action or to speak to some of customers.