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How Do The Coca-Cola Company Analyze Their SAP License Use In One Hour?

Coca Cola Analyze SAP License use using LiveCompare IntelliCorp Software ROI
Hello and welcome to the final IntelliCorp blog post before our offices break for the holidays. And what a fantastic post to end on! I’ve mentioned before that I love learning how customers use our software. We’ve worked with The Coca-Cola Company for many years and they use LiveCompare for so many different use cases across their SAP landscape. I don’t think I need to explain who The Coca-Cola Company is so I’ll crack on with explaining how they reduced 80 hours of manual analysis to just one hour using LiveCompare .

That’s right, you did read that correctly. 80 hours of manual analysis reduced to just one hour . You can read the full story here but if you are short on time then here’s everything you need to know.

The Bottling Investments Group [BIG] was established in 2008 and sits within the Coca-Cola Company. The BIG IT Finance Group at the Coca-Cola Headquarters regularly asks for reports which provide detailed information about the SAP application license types used across nine business groups. Finance ideally wanted these reports on a quarterly basis. Without LiveCompare this just wasn’t feasible. The time and effort to produce the reports meant that IT were only able to deliver them once a year. 

“It was a simple question that IT just couldn’t get quick answers to,” explained Marina Kofman, SAP Security Group Manager, BIG Int’l, at The Coca-Cola Company. “We had to log into every SAP system, run reports and then consolidate this information. This process took way too long and even then, the output wasn’t exactly what we wanted.”
The reports identified SAP users, but to understand which transactions they run, Marina and the team had to click into each user. Alternatively they could get a report of all used transactions but would then need to click into each transaction to identify users. There just wasn’t a fast and accurate way of getting these reports. Getting the right information to finance on a quarterly basis couldn’t be achieved without using LiveCompare. 

Let’s look at how LiveCompare produces this report: A LiveCompare app analyzes 25 production SAP systems to provide detailed reports on users, roles and licenses. The reports are categorized into: CB = full professional, CC = limited professional and CD = display license.

The results tell Marina how many active users there are in each license category. For example, here we can see that there are 2090 people in Group 2 using transactions that use a full professional license.
SAP license management audit understand what is used HANA ERP Analysis
“By using LiveCompare we can adapt license classification based on transaction use vs. role assignment . This means the reports we pass to finance are accurate and provide better visibility into what is really being used,” said Marina. “We also saved huge amounts of time. An eight week process now takes us around an hour! We still can’t believe we save the team two months of effort.”

Are you trying to piece together your SAP application license use? If so, contact us today to book a demo and see how LiveCompare can save you time and effort, and deliver accurate reports via a simple, repeatable, automated process.