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How to Take Control of Your SAP Licenses in 60 Minutes

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  A recent study found that 33% of software asset managers and IT managers were concerned about being audited by key software suppliers.

As our SAP systems expand to support an increasingly diverse set of business processes, it becomes challenging to stay on top of license usage . This can lead to unexpected licensing costs, true-up fees and overall business disruption. Sifting through the mountains of data to get at the useful information is time consuming and error prone.
We work with organizations running SAP applications and our customers run LiveCompare to conduct self-audits and assessments on licensing requirements. Today I share with you some stories to explain how our customers use LiveCompare to make their license audit processes painless. LiveCompare gives them visibility and puts them in control of their SAP license usage.
At The Coca-Cola Company , finance wanted a quarterly license report from IT. Producing the report was time consuming to the point where it couldn’t be produced every quarter. IT had to access each production SAP system individually, run a report transaction and click through each user account to determine usage. No easy task with 10s of systems and 1000s of users. There wasn’t a fast and accurate way of consolidating all the data into a simple, easy-to-use report for finance to use.
The solution for The Coca-Cola Company is LiveCompare. They use LiveCompare’s powerful SAP data analysis and workflow technology to create a simple app that can be scheduled to run, or run on-demand. The app takes about an hour to process all the data from 25 production SAP instances. The app reduces the masses of data into a simple, easy-to-consume report that highlights usage in three categories:

•    CB = full professional
•    CC = limited professional
•    CD = display license

Here is an anonymised sample of the output:
The Coca-Cola Company LiveCompare software license SAP use report example review
Another case study example saw a public sector company save over $700,000 in SAP license fees per year using LiveCompare. Unfortunately I can’t disclose the company but ultimately they wanted better visibility into what they used, so they could free-up budget for other innovation projects.

They had a number of employees who only used time entry transactions and did not require a full professional SAP license -they could use the self-service portal for time entry functions. The main challenge for this company was identifying who across the business used only time entry transactions. When you have a user base that runs into tens of thousands, the process of getting this information is difficult and takes a lot of time and effort.
SAP time entry transactions and how to identify what users use on a system automation software
  LiveCompare’s powerful SAP analysis and workflow technology replaced the time consuming manual effort with a fully automated, repeatable system. Within just a few minutes LiveCompare had identified time entry users and these licenses could be reallocated. 
Use LiveCompare to take control of your SAP licenses in 2017. The main benefits of using LiveCompare for SAP license management include:

•    Greater visibility on SAP licenses
•    Better understanding of who uses what across the business
•    Ability to remove duplicate or idle licenses
•    Reduced risk – ensure compliance to existing SAP contact and identify who is running       which processes in SAP
•    Ability to budget correctly for license needs
•    Reduce on-going software costs

Are you currently trying to understand what SAP licenses you have vs. what you actually use? Do you lack visibility into your user base? Contact us today to book a demo or speak to us further about our LiveCompare license analysis app .
understand what SAP licenses you have vs. what you actually use? Do you lack visibility into your user base SAP