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3 Ways to Prepare for SAP HANA Upgrades

  If you’re considering an upgrade to SAP HANA or want to prepare your systems with the latest Enhancement Pack then take a look at how our smart software will help. Our customers tell us that our software has enabled them to upgrade fast, safely with zero defects.
“There has never been any doubt in my mind that performing SAP upgrades using IntelliCorp tools is the only way to go” 
John Capron CPIM, Speaker/Writer
Taken from this blog post - An SAP Upgrade Story
SAP HANA ERP Upgrades using impact analysis software LiveCompare from Intellicorp
Today I’m going to share with you THREE ways you can get your SAP HANA project off to a great start this year. 
1 – Prepare.
Use  LiveCompare to get up-to-date on Enhancement packs and support packs. Identify the impact of change fast and ensure zero defects on go-live.

LiveCompare will help you understand the technical aspects of the migration, from impacted custom code to user training needs.
Our LiveModel software will help you understand the impact on your business processes.
We have you covered through the five key stages of any upgrade – development, testing, integration, security and training

For a five minute demo which shows how LiveCompare identifies the impact of change, take a look here.
LiveCompare intellicorp software dashboard analysis for SAP HANA upgrades

2 – Sizing and infrastructure.
Data sizing is a really important part of your upgrade. The aim is to reduce the amount of data you have without compromising system performance. Use LiveCompare to assess your data and understand what you actually need vs. what can be retired
Understand how much memory is required for a move to SAP HANA. Minimizing and optimizing your data will enable you to maintain healthy systems moving forward.

3 - Custom Development.
Our benchmark studies show that 28% of business process functionality is custom. An upgrade is the perfect time to get a grip of your SAP custom code.
Use LiveCompare to analyse code, answering questions such as: What custom code can be retired? And how complex is custom code and what is its quality?

“Using LiveCompare enabled us to reduce the time it took to migrate to SAP HANA. LiveCompare gave us the confidence that everything had been covered and we had not put our systems at risk.”
Technical Architect – Varian Medical Systems, Inc. 
Have you started your journey to SAP HANA? Are you maintaining your SAP systems right now and want to automate many of the manual analysis tasks involved? Contact us today to find out more and schedule a demo.