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How to Wage War on the SAP Payroll Lifecycle

Located in South East England, Surrey County Council (SCC) is a public sector organization responsible for providing a range of services to over a million residents.
SCC runs various SAP applications including the Human Capital Management (HCM) module. They process payroll for around 50,000 people through their HCM system. Each time SAP release a support pack, SCC must ensure that changes introduced through the support pack do not impact payroll data.
Today, we explain how LiveCompare automates payroll data comparison when introducing change to SAP systems.
SAP payroll impact analysis for HCM change analytics
“Our payroll pays over 50,000 employees. We must make sure every employee is paid the correct amount each month and the correct deductions have been calculated.” 
Project Manager, Tahiana Jefferis
For every payroll support pack, Surrey County Council run LiveCompare’s unique HCM analysis apps to automatically answer their key payroll questions: 

•    How will payroll calculations be affected?
•    What payroll differences are there between a before and after run of payroll?
With LiveCompare, Surrey County Council automate the comparison of payroll wage types. They compare all wage types for every employee, instead of looking at only the most important wage types. 
Payroll comparison using LiveCompare:

1.    Run Payroll in SAP(Before Change applied)
2.    Run Collect Before Payroll Data workflow in LiveCompare – data from the run is stored in LiveCompare
3.    Apply Change (e.g. Support Pack)
4.    Run Payroll in SAP (After Change applied
5.    Run Collect After Payroll Data workflow in LiveCompare
6.    Run Compare Payroll Runs workflow in LiveCompare
7.    Analyze results
Compare SAP ERP payroll data comparison LiveCompare
“Previously we would have to run Wage Type reports both before and after applying the support pack. Some of these reports were very large and took a long time to run and download.”
The benefits of an automated approach using IntelliCorp’s LiveCompare:
•    Analyze every single record and guarantee 100% correctness of payroll data
•    Reduce time and effort in comparing data by at least 50%
•    Free up limited resources
By using IntelliCorp’s smart software, LiveCompare, SCC ensures that everyone takes home the right pay at the end of the month.

If you’d like to find out how to ensure all your employees take home the right pay after you’ve gone live with HCM changes, then contact us today to book a demo.