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SAP HANA Transformations a Key Topic at the SAP Forum in Mexico

We recently exhibited for a second year at the SAP Forum in Mexico . With high traffic and great interactions with prospects and existing customers, IntelliCorp made valuable connections and shared our story at the Santa Fe Expo on February 2 2017.
Our favorite part of the event was listening to customers Sky and Mabe share their stories of using LiveCompare with other attendees. It’s great to hear how LiveCompare is proving to be a catalyst for change and helping them implement change faster, reduce testing and achieve zero production defects.
Key topics of interest during the show were SAP HANA transformations, governance strategies and impact analysis. These are just some of the areas our software supports.
We were located right next to our partner Outliers , allowing for dynamic collaboration as well as great visibility and brand awareness. The opportunity to work with Outliers and network with customers and attendees was a highlight of the SAP Forum experience.
IntelliCorp SAP Mexico Forum HANA
One of the main questions we had over the course of the event was “ how can your software help us upgrade to SAP HANA ?” Through live demos we were able to show how our software helps SAP HANA transformations in five key areas: development, testing, integration, security and training.
Another topic of interest was governance and our tools’ ability to support audits, roles and permissions management.  Many prospects were curious about impact analysis and how LiveCompare can prevent failures when moving from QA to production.
To add some Latin American flare, the conference ended with a concert by Mexican singer, Yuri. With sparkle confetti coming down from the ceiling and a drone circulating above the audience, the atmosphere was electric and enthusiastic. We all had a good time at the end of a very productive show. 
If you missed us at the SAP Forum in Mexico then don’t forget to sign up for our next live webinar Smart Synchronization for your SAP Applications on March 2nd at 10 am PST or check out our events page here for where we will exhibit next.