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How to Analyze and Audit Transport Naming Standards Using LiveCompare

How to Analyze and Audit Transport Naming Standards Using LiveCompare
We work with many companies and it’s common for them to run multiple SAP application project streams in parallel. This allows companies to work on large projects such as upgrades and, at the same time, support day to day business needs such as emergency fixes or requests.
If you’re frequently changing SAP applications across multiple projects then you may need to group transports and link them to specific projects. You don’t want to miss transports either. If a transport isn’t promoted then this could lead to production downtime.
How can we ensure transports are named correctly so we can keep track of them across multiple projects? How can we make sure we don’t miss transports?
The answer is IntelliCorp’s smart software, LiveCompare . We’ve taken our pioneering work in AI to create the most powerful smart lifecycle management software for SAP applications.
Today on the blog we share with you how and why customers analyze and audit their transport naming standards using LiveCompare.
How Does LiveCompare Audit and Analyze Transport Naming Standards?
LiveCompare automates the process of keeping tabs on transport naming standards and it stops transports from being missed.
It does this by connecting (using RFC) to the development SAP system and reading the transports created over the previous week.
LiveCompare then compares the name of the transport with the naming conventions set up for different projects. Any transport names that don’t match are flagged up to the team leads for review and correction.
The analysis is made up of 5 easy steps:
How to Analyze and Audit Transport Naming Standards Using LiveCompare
The reports and dashboards produced helps development and basis teams keep track of individual work. The reports eliminate any last minute challenges of understanding what was missed and what needs to be corrected.
Auditing Transport Names Across Ten Project Streams – A Case Study
A customer we work with run this app every week to audit their transports . LiveCompare proactively checks that the transports created during the previous week have been named correctly. The transport names are important because they relate to specific projects.
When multiple projects run at the same time, it’s important that transports are named correctly so they can be tracked back to the correct project. The projects at this customer site mainly introduce custom changes to support ongoing business demands and innovation.
transport naming summary in livecompare SAP testing
For this customer, if an incorrectly named transport gets through, it cannot be changed. This then leads to confusion and may put the business at risk.
This customer has ten projects running parallel at any one time so the potential for naming problems to occur is high.
Using this LiveCompare app saves them rework time and effort and enables correct naming standards are adhered to.
Reporting Trends
The data relating to transport naming standards is collected and stored every week. By doing this, users can identify trends over time and detect if there is a particular developer allowing incorrectly named transports through. LiveCompare is used to audit work and keep track of the development team. Here’s an example of what the report looks like:
AI trend reporting machine learning using LiveCompare for SAP
To summarize, this is another great way customers use LiveCompare to change their SAP systems fast and safely with zero defects.
Do you need to ensure SAP application transports are named correctly across multiple project streams? Contact us today to book a demo.