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One of the main challenges for companies running SAP applications is managing  custom code .
How can we fix custom ABAP code before a move to SAP HANA? The answer is IntelliCorp’s smart software, LiveCompare . LiveCompare finds and analyzes all your custom code, answering questions such as: What custom code can be retired? And how complex is custom code and what is its quality?
sap impact analysis HANA

Why Use LiveCompare to Analyze Custom Code?

LiveCompare provides real-time analysis of custom code so that you can continuously manage, maintain and optimize the most expensive piece of your SAP implementation with minimal time and effort. 
  • Find all issues with custom code
  • Provide fixes for incorrect code
  • Ensure new code is correct and HANA ready
  • Understand the quality and performance of custom code
  • Monitor custom code use
  • Analyze custom code trends
  • Synchronize code across systems
  • Keep track of your system integrator development work 
sap impact analysis HANA
Agile Analysis

LiveCompare is the only tool to provide such detailed and comprehensive SAP custom code analysis. Some of the largest global organizations run LiveCompare to manage and analyze their custom code. The Coca-Cola Company, Weir Minerals and Kimberly-Clark are just a few.

“As we start to introduce change to the global template, this is where LiveCompare will be of most value to us – to reduce the risk of introducing that change.” Peter Atkinson, Divisional Director of IT at Weir Minerals. You can read the full case study here .

By using LiveCompare you can change the way you manage SAP custom code, and prepare systems for a move to SAP HANA.
Contact us today if you want to take a look at LiveCompare or run a quick analysis on your own system. We will give you a snapshot of how much custom code you have, how much is unused and how much duplicate and cloned code you have.