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How to Use LiveCompare’s Automated Impact Analysis to Reduce Testing by 85%

How to Use LiveCompare’s Automated Impact Analysis to Reduce Testing by 85%
Our second post in our series "How to Upgrade to SAP HANA Faster and Safer Using LiveCompare"  focuses on testing. We discuss how LiveCompare identifies the impact of change on your SAP applications without compromising the quality of your system.
Our benchmark study confirms that, by using LiveCompare, our customers reduce SAP application testing by an average of 85%.
The SAP Testing Challenge and How to Use LiveCompare to Reduce Testing
Do you want to reduce your SAP application testing by 85%? If yes, read on to find out how our customers test only what needs testing when change is made.

The Testing Challenge

The classic approach to testing SAP applications is to test everything . At best this means run all the tests that are documented, which is different to testing the impacted functionality. This explains why so many go-live events experience a large number of high priority issues.
LiveCompare’s analysis tells us what to test, why to test, what can be tested and where there are gaps, if integrating with test tools such as HPE ALM, IBM RQM, Worksoft Certify and Microsoft VSTS.

How Does LiveCompare Work?

LiveCompare discovers what to test and why, enabling the adoption of risk-based testing to detect, prevent, and control risk to production. The results mean less time and effort testing, with higher quality outcomes. For a five minute overview, take a look at this video:
LiveCompare looks at three key factors in order of importance:

1.    Business Critical 
2.    Depth 
3.    Usage
The key factors determine how critical business transactions are to the business and how often those transactions are used. Depth is analyzed by all the dependencies between changing objects and used objects to give you an optimal set of transactions to test to ensure all objects are covered.
LiveCompare then prioritizes your most-at-risk set up transactions even further, providing a high, medium, low priority analysis. 
How to Use LiveCompare’s Automated Impact Analysis to Reduce Testing by 85%

Furthermore, LiveCompare drills down to the DNA in your system and sees what impact change will have on your code, config, and data as well as security settings. LiveCompare enables users to manage requirements, create test labs and maintain the health of automated test scripts. LiveCompare pulls the data and provides reports which identify exactly what to test.
How to Use LiveCompare’s Automated Impact Analysis to Reduce Testing by 85%

Customers like Weir Minerals, not only cite time savings when it comes to impact analysis and testing, but also risk reduction.
"By using LiveCompare’s impact analysis apps, we felt happy that everything that needed to be tested, HAD been tested,” Rozman Shariff, Technical Solution Director.

“Keeping our systems safe and secure is key for us. We simply can’t have production defects.” Jerry Cade, Global SAP Program Director.

Key questions answered by LiveCompare: 
1.    What are the most-at-risk transactions to test?
2.    What is testable and where are the gaps?
3.    How to achieve zero application defects? 
Are you ready to reduce SAP application testing by 85%? If yes, contact us today to see if LiveCompare will be your catalyst for change.