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How to Accelerate Enterprise Data Management Using LiveCompare

How to Accelerate Enterprise Data Management Using LiveCompare

Many customers consider  LiveCompare to be a business critical tool . They use LiveCompare apps to conduct  a wide variety of SAP system health checks, to ensure their data is consistent and accurate. Reports used by the business for budgeting, trends and decisions are only as good as the data fed into them.

Today on the blog we show you how LiveCompare software helps organizations quickly implement accurate  enterprise data management and data governance across the enterprise.

We highlight a number of scenarios where LiveCompare benefits customers to ensure revenue is not lost due to poor data. 
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The Enterprise Data Challenge

Managing enterprise data is challenging for a number of reasons:
  • Data cleanliness. Issues with duplicate data, spelling errors and various renderings of the same information can have major consequences for a business.
  • Out-of-date data. Old data is no good if the business want to make fact-based decisions today.
  • Data inconsistencies. If your organization runs many different business applications then you may find discrepancies across systems.
  • Too much data. Businesses generate lots of data. It is hard to keep track of  this manually.
  • Data literacy issues. Business leaders may be unable to make sense of data presented to them. There may be challenges with interpreting that data and understanding the importance of that data.
  • Lack of collaboration. Business and IT need to be on the same page if they want to get the most out of their enterprise data.

Running your business with accurate and consistent data is crucial for digital transformation and modernization. If data is out-of-date, inaccurate or inconsistent then your business won’t be able to operate efficiently and make data-driven decisions. Data issues cause business interruption and even compliance risks.

How Does LiveCompare Help?

Managing Product Data
One trend we’ve observed is to use LiveCompare to monitor product data on a weekly basis, to proactively flag discrepancies and errors. In one example, a customer’s SAP system holds more than 30,000 active product lines and it was a challenge to manage this flow of data between SAP and their Point of Sales (POS) system. This means that when an item is scanned in a store, the bar code should generate the correct product description. If there are discrepancies with product names then an item can't be sold, meaning lost revenue. This happened more than 100 times in the past year before a LiveCompare powered solution was implemented

To proactively identify missing data from product names, they now use LiveCompare. They run this report daily , it takes less than five minutes to run and exception-based reports are automatically emailed out to data stewards. 
The reports mean that the team can fix any data discrepancies before they hit the stores. Reports also help them clean up their data so the right product descriptions are printed on receipts.  

The benefits of running this report? Customer experience in-store is improved, revenue is not lost due to bad data and clean, reliable data means the business can make fact-based decisions in the future. 

Managing Financial Data

By using LiveCompare you can proactively keep track of vendors and credit limits.
Who exceeded their limit and who hasn’t paid?
This is how one customer we work with use LiveCompare. The reports are sent to finance teams so they can keep track of vendors. Previously this was tracked on an Excel spreadsheet which wasn’t easy to maintain and share. LiveCompare removed the manual work of tracking things in Excel and it enables finance teams to keep track of vendors.
Open Item Management and Analysis
Other customers we work with use LiveCompare to monitor open items. LiveCompare saves huge amounts of time which would otherwise be spent manually collating this data. 
Open Item Management and Analysis

Managing Manufacturing Data

One food manufacturer we work with use LiveCompare to validate data flowing between their SAP systems and manufacturing systems. If data is incorrect, product recipe and quality is impacted. They use LiveCompare to ensure the quality of their finished product.

Managing User data
LiveCompare provides accurate analysis on who uses your SAP applications, where they are located and what roles, profiles and authorizations are set up.
Our customers find these reports helpful because they enable accurate governance of user data.
SAP user anaylsis

Managing Customer data 
LiveCompare assures the quality and accuracy of your customer data so that you can provide the best customer care and service, tailored to your audience’s needs.
Compare thousands of records in minutes and ensure data quality when making key decisions that impact customers.

Why do companies use LiveCompare?

LiveCompare provides a reusable and repeatable way to ensure SAP application data quality and harmonization.
LiveCompare’s enterprise data management apps are easy to deploy and flexible enough to solve unique business challenges.

Benefits of using LiveCompare
  • LiveCompare provides a single, consistent view of business critical data. Be sure the data you provide to business is accurate.
  • LiveCompare helps IT support the business. Give your business the information they need in easy-to-use reports and dashboards to enable them to make informed decisions.
  • LiveCompare provides complete data governance, meaning zero risk. Exception based reporting means alerts are triggered only when issues arise. 
  • LiveCompare is repeatable and reusable, meaning you save time and reduce labor costs by at least 50%. Run LiveCompare as often as you like for continuous insight into the completeness and quality of your data.

To summarize, LiveCompare is a business critical tool for many customers. If you struggle to manage SAP data then contact us today to discuss further and take a look at LiveCompare in action.