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5 Videos That Will Show You How LiveCompare Reduces Labor Costs by 50%

If you want to learn how to reduce your SAP application labor costs by at least 50% then take a look at some of our best videos. They range from 60 second explainers to 45 minute demos.

If you’re not sure what IntelliCorp do and how our software will help you, then start off with our 60 second explainer video below:

LiveCompare Overview

LiveCompare automates manual analysis associated with all SAP lifecycle events, providing real-time insights which can be shared across your whole business.
LiveCompare enables zero production defects by telling you what impact change will have on your SAP system and where to focus testing effort. 

How to Migrate to SAP HANA Faster and Safer Using LiveCompare
Our next video shows you how to upgrade to SAP HANA faster and safer using LiveCompare across 6 key areas; Development, Testing, Integration, Training, Security and Data Validation.

How to Audit SAP License Use Fast and Accurately 
Do you know how many professional licenses are unused across your organization? Could these be traded for more appropriate licenses?
Our next video shows you how LiveCompare identifies SAP license use. Accurate reports help you make decisions on unused licenses and license allowances, saving your organization time and money.  
How to Change SAP Applications Faster and Safer 
Do you want to reduce your SAP application testing by 85%? In this video, we show you how LiveCompare identifies what to test and why.
Prioritize your most-at-risk transactions and reduce labor costs internal or external by 50%. 
Smart Synchronization for SAP Applications 
How do we identify differences and similarities between business processes and systems fast, and with zero defects?
In this 45 minute webinar recording, we show you how to address the challenge of consolidations, dual landscapes, and cloned systems. Find out how LiveCompare and LiveModel work together to define how code, config, and data interlink. 
Book a Demo Now! 
If you are interested in learning more,  book a demo to see LiveCompare and LiveModel in action.
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