Top 5 Reasons Why New Marketers in Tech Should Attend Tradeshow Events

November 14, 2017 | B Taunt
Top 5 Reasons Why Marketers Should Attend Tradeshow Events
Do you remember the first conference you attended? How did you feel?  Two weeks ago, I attended one of my first ASUG conferences, representing IntelliCorp. I met with the team at the ASUG Pacific Northwest event in Kirkland, Washington. It was breezy and rainy, with the event hosted right beside Lake Washington.  
ASUG is an independent user group for companies running SAP applications. The organization hosts chapter meetings across North America, and focuses on learning and sharing experiences across the SAP community. ASUG events give us the opportunity to share how our software helps organizations save at least 50% on labor costs when changing SAP applications. At this ASUG chapter meeting, we presented a session on how to achieve better quality for less effort – a great example of using smart technology to accelerate innovation.
Team IntelliCorp at SAP ASUG PNW
Team IntelliCorp at ASUG PNW in Kirkland, Washington
Several sponsors attended and set up their booths next to ours. As a new marketer, I’m learning more and more about the tech industry, one tradeshow at a time. Attending speaking sessions and talking to other attendees gave me a few tips on why tradeshows are beneficial to new marketers in the SAP world. 

Here are my top 5 reasons why new marketers in the tech industry should attend trade shows: 

1.    Keep up with industry trends 
Attending ASUG chapter meetings is a great way to learn about the SAP marketplace. Learn about vendors and partners and find out more about the challenges faced by SAP users. 
Staying current with trends in your industry should speak for itself, but all vendors at tradeshows each bring something unique to the table. Marketers gain the advantage of knowing topics of interest and gain competitive advantage by pitching to the right people in the industry. 
2.    Learn industry vocabulary
Knowing what people are talking about is crucial to developing further in the industry. The world of SAP is no different to other industries: there’s a vocabulary that helps people communicate efficiently which can take time to become familiar with what they all mean. I’ve learned that asking questions is more beneficial then hiding your confusion and can start a conversation that actually teaches you about other terms that are often used. People are always willing to share their knowledge if you ask. 
big data sap industry trends

3.    Get to know others in the SAP space
Speaking to other vendors firsthand allows you the opportunity to understand your own product more clearly and identify potential partners or services that could fit your needs.  By going and talking to other vendors, you can develop new strategies and learn how to attract more attendees.  

4.    Access to influencers
Trade shows provide you the opportunity to get in front of influencers in the industry and learn from their success stories. ASUG tradeshows host speaking sessions, talks, and key note speaker sessions where influencers talk about the latest topics in the industry which helps you reach success in your own business. It provides a great opportunity to speak with these people and ask questions.
influencers sap intellicorp
5.    Network, network, network 
Marketing giveaways is a common way marketers attract people to stop by their booths for the initial interaction, which can lead to a conversation on the challenges, pains, and trends other companies face in the industry. Tradeshows are a great place to gain insights from other attendees who also have similar goals and interests. By meeting face-to-face, relationships are easily developed and provide a way to position your product and create interest. 

Living in Silicon Valley has trained me to believe that there is always something new being developed. ASUG events are perfect events for SAP users to share and educate other users, vendors, or service providers on the most recent tools and services to ensure SAP environments are efficient for the business. 

Comment below on your first experience, what was your first position? How did you react to challenges? 


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