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5 Must-Have LiveCompare Apps for 2018

5 Must-Have LiveCompare Apps for 2018

Hello and welcome to the IntelliCorp blog. Today we share with you five LiveCompare apps that you should take a look at if you want to implement SAP application change fast and safely in 2018.

Release Assurance

IntelliCorp customers use LiveCompare's Release Assurance to guarantee the integrity of every production release. Picture the following, testing is done; everything passed and we're ready to release to production. But the question you have to answer is this: is it safe to release?

With so many interlinking teams, objects and streams, it can be very difficult to determine this manually. What if one team had to pull their changes from the release? Their changes are already in QAS and it's hard to know which other teams depend on them.

This is where Release Assurance comes in. The LiveCompare app automatically identifies dependencies that will be missed if the release transports are promoted to production. The app outputs an intuitive dashboard with drill down reports showing side-by-side object differences.

Use this app to increase release velocity and achieve zero defects.

Release Assurance
Code Watch

It is typically 30x cheaper to fix problems in development than wait for them to show up in production*. With that in mind, LiveCompare's "Code Watch" app is a must-have for businesses who wants to adopt agile development practices, shipping change more frequently, with zero defects.

Code Watch performs custom code analysis based on transports, ChaRM change requests, named objects, development classes or developers. The app reports on code quality, enabling you to drill down to a single object, or the objects maintained by a specific developer, or all the custom objects in this week's release.

Code Watch
Compare Objects

LiveCompare has always been able to compare objects fast and accurately. We've now released an app which makes it easier than ever for you to compare objects and identify what is the same, different or unique across multiple systems.

Pick  two systems and specify the set of objects to compare. You can either enter a set of objects or use a LiveCompare Select List to craft an object selection. For example, you might want to compare the objects whose names match a particular pattern.

The app then produces a dashboard, summarizing the comparison results. For more detailed information and to see some screenshots, read here.

Compare Objects
Upgrade Assessor

To tie in with our earlier blog series on migrating to SAP HANA, we share with you a recorded webinar which takes you through the key upgrade project activities we covered in the series:

Data Validation

You can watch the recorded webcast here.

LiveCompare's Upgrade Assessor app helps companies automate the analysis of code, configuration and data, while reducing labor costs by at least 50%.

SAP Application License Management

Finally we include an app which gives you complete visibility into your SAP licenses. Do you know how the licenses are used and whether you are compliant with your SAP contract? With LiveCompare, we make the job of keeping track of your SAP licenses easy.

Answer key questions using LiveCompare:

* What licenses are in use?
* How many professional tier accounts do we have and are they being used correctly?
* Are there unused licenses that we can re-use before purchasing more?
* Do we have any duplicate licensed users?

The results are displayed as dashboard charts, showing you what to review to ensure you comply with your SAP contract and avoid unplanned, future license spend.

SAP Application License Management

From everyone at Team IntelliCorp, we wish you a Happy New Year. Contact us today if you’d like to book a demo in 2018 to take a look at these apps in action.