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20 Ways to Use LiveCompare to Help You Change SAP Applications Faster and Safer

Today on the blog we are really excited to share our latest material that focuses on 20 ways to use LiveCompare to help you change SAP applications faster and safer.
From audits to upgrades, LiveCompare provides fact-based analysis of your whole SAP application landscape. Customers choose LiveCompare because it significantly reduces SAP testing effort and ensures zero production defects when making changes to SAP applications.
Here we summarize the 20 key areas that LiveCompare supports! You have questions? LiveCompare has the answers!
LiveCompare SAP HANA impact analysis
LiveCompare provides smart analytics for the whole SAP application lifecycle, allowing users to analyze code, configuration and data fast and accurately.
LiveCompare automates many SAP Basis tasks, making it simple to analyze roles, track changes and resolve problems.  For more detail on our basis analysis, take a read of our Guide to Better Managing SAP Basis Tasks .
20 Ways to Use LiveCompare to Help You Change SAP Applications Faster and Safer
LiveCompare identifies the most-at-risk BSP applications to respond to all SAP application changes and runs side-by-side comparison of BSP and BSP extension object types.
Business Restructuring
LiveCompare, along with our other tools LiveModel and LiveInterface (LINKS) make it possible to understand and visualize business process and technical similarities and differences between multiple systems.
LiveCompare identifies the most-at-risk CRM BSP applications to test in response to all SAP application changes.
Custom Code
LiveCompare analyzes custom code and determines what will break by answering key questions:
  • How much does our custom code cost?
  • What custom code will break?
  • What custom code can be retired?
  • How complex is our custom code?
  • What is the quality of our custom code?
  • How secure is our custom code?
20 Ways to Use LiveCompare to Help You Change SAP Applications Faster and Safer
LiveCompare supports continuous delivery of SAP change and helps reduce the cost, risk and effort of managing change. For more information, take a read here .
Dual Maintenance
With the constant change of SAP applications, synchronizing business as usual and project landscape is challenging. Use LiveCompare to understand what is different, the same and unique across different streams. 
Enhancement Packs
Get up-to-date on the latest enhancement pack using LiveCompare. Analyze the impact of change and identify what to test and why.
Extended Warehouse Management
LiveCompare identifies the most-at-risk actions to test for all EWM changes (standard and custom) and understands the actions that implement EWM functionality.
20 Ways to Use LiveCompare to Help You Change SAP Applications Faster and Safer
LiveCompare identifies the specific Fiori application views that should be exercised to verify the changes and also runs a side-by-side comparison of Fiori app objects.
Highlight Segregation of Duty (SOX) by understanding who has access to your systems. LiveCompare provides analysis into roles, profiles and authorizations.
Automate the comparison of “before and after” payroll data when you implement change such as support packs. Make sure everyone takes home the right pay at the end of the month!
Integrate HPE ALM with LiveCompare and identify which tests to run and where you have gaps.
Impact Analysis
Understand what to test and why. For a detailed look at our impact analysis, take a read of this recent blog post .
20 Ways to Use LiveCompare to Help You Change SAP Applications Faster and Safer
Landscape Synchronization
Understand what is different, the same and unique across your SAP landscape. This recent live webinar explains how to use LiveCompare along with LiveModel to visualize the impact of change across your business processes
License Analysis
The Coca-Cola Company use LiveCompare to solve their challenges reporting on SAP application license types and use across 25 SAP systems.
“By using LiveCompare we can adapt license classification based on transaction use vs. role assignment. This means the reports we pass to finance are accurate and provide better visibility into what is really being used,” said Marina Kofman, SAP Security Group Manager, BIG Int’l, at The Coca-Cola Company. “We also saved huge amounts of time. An eight week process now takes us around an hour! We still can’t believe we save the team two months of effort.”
Prepare, size and optimize custom developments for a move to SAP HANA. Read more here .
LiveCompare identifies the most-at-risk transactions to test and reduces SAP application test scope by at least 85%. Move away from the “test everything” approach.
Want to increase the frequency of SAP application change but reduce testing and ensure zero defects? Contact us today to book a demo and find out how LiveCompare will help you and your organization.