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3 LiveCompare Apps that Will Enable Smart DevOps for SAP in 2019

3 livecompare apps 2019


 Last year we ran a blog series about smart DevOps and how our software helps you adopt this approach, specifically related to SAP applications. You can catch up on the blog post series here, or download the smart DevOps eBook hereIn 2019, we continue to bring you case studies and details about how our tools get you from idea to innovation fast and safe, helping deliver hours back to the business.

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Next, take a look at these three LiveCompare apps which are essential for starting your DevOps journey in 2019.


Code Watch – A must-have app for developers who want to minimize technical debt in 2019.


LiveCompare’s Code Watch app is perfect for ABAP developers who want to automate many of the tedious and time consuming manual analysis involved with custom code.


Code Watch performs custom code analysis based on transports, data from an integrated change and release management system (including SAP Solution Manager ChaRM), named objects, development classes or developers.


Code Watch rules are formulated to support common SAP application scenarios including:

  • Custom release
  • Support pack/stack/enhancement pack upgrade
  • S/4HANA migration


Each scenario includes dozens of rules designed to highlight issues early in the development cycle, where it is cheaper to fix them. Rule categories include:

  • ABAP Failures
  • Complex code
  • Missing code
  • Obsolete features
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Security




Take a look at the Code Watch Datasheet for more information


Impact – Understand what to test and why.

An essential app, and one used by hundreds of IntelliCorp customers – Impact.


Impact is a change impact analysis app designed to support the testing team. It eliminates the need for the traditional “test everything” approach and our benchmark data shows that customers see an average reduction in test scope of 85%.


This case study is a great example of how customers use Impact – How to Apply an Eight Year Backlog of SAP Support Packs with Zero Defects.


Take a look at the Impact Datasheet for more information


Release Assurance – deploy change with zero production defects.

Imagine being able to introduce change to the SAP landscape as and when you need to, without compromising quality and safety.


LiveCompare’s Release Assurance app makes this possible. Release Assurance maximizes the integrity of every production release, helping users deploy SAP application changes faster to meet the demanding needs of the business without sacrificing quality and safety. Read more about this app here. 


Want to find out more about these apps? Want to free up precious time so the business has more hours to deliver innovation? Stay tuned for more information on LiveCompare's top 3 apps of 2019. Contact us today to book a demo.