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5 Reasons to Visit IntelliCorp at SAP TechEd This Year

5 Reasons to Visit IntelliCorp at SAP TechEd This Year


It’s that time of the year again…the SAP TechEd conference in Las Vegas! We’re really excited to exhibit this year because we have not one, but three customers taking the stage to tell their LiveCompare stories. From S/4HANA upgrades to frequent change requests, impact analysis to smart risk-based testing, learn how IntelliCorp customers support business innovation fast and safe.


If you’re attending the conference then add these customer sessions to your agenda, and be sure to visit us at the booth - #256. Read on to find out what else will be happening at the IntelliCorp booth this year.


IntelliCorp Customer Speaking Sessions


customer speaking sessions at SAP TechEd Las Vegas-1 

Be sure to add these speaking sessions to your agenda. You won’t want to miss them! Loblaw, the largest food retailer in Canada, share how they manage change and testing faster and safer using LiveCompare. ArcelorMittal explain how using LiveCompare’s smart analytics have prepared them for a move to S/4HANA, and Salt River Project demonstrates how technology helps them support business innovation.


  • Session ID: AIN229

Title: Best Practices from Loblaw for Accelerating Innovation and Testing


  • Session ID: AIN228

Title: How ArcelorMittal Analyzes Custom ABAP and Prepares for SAP S/4HANA


“We use LiveCompare to perform analysis on our custom ABAP code. This has been great for preparing us for an upgrade to S/4HANA. We can quickly see what code needs to be reviewed and corrected before we upgrade. This session will detail how we use LiveCompare and the benefits it has brought us.”  - ArcelorMittal


  • Session ID: OPP106

Title: How SRP Simplifies SAP Deployments to Support Business Innovation


“At Salt River Project, we are relentless in providing on-going business value in our SAP systems. We accomplish this primarily through our software releases. In this session, we explain how we use LiveCompare to understand the impact of changes in a release, and deliver projects such as our EHP8 and HANA upgrade to the business on time and with minimal risk.” – Salt River Project


Free S/4HANA Upgrade Impact Assessments


Free S2F4HANA Upgrade Impact Assessments


We’re offering all our readers and booth visitors the opportunity to run a free S/4HANA upgrade impact assessment. This means you can get upfront information as to the effort involved with a move to S/4HANA. Even if you’re not sure if an upgrade is on the cards, you’ll get fact-based insight into your as-is SAP system which will answer questions such as how much custom code do we have, and is it even used? 


Stop by the booth and find out more about how these assessments help you scope the effort and impact of a move to S/4HANA. Find out more about the assessment here


Smart DevOps for SAP Applications


Smart DevOps for SAP Applications


The key theme at the IntelliCorp booth this year is Smart DevOps. SAP application change starts with an idea. Ideas to increase revenue or reduce cost. How can we turn our ideas into working software running in production as fast as possible, for the lowest cost? This is where Smart DevOps comes in. Chat to our team at the booth and find out how to use the IntelliCorp suite of tools to start your Smart DevOps journey.


Grab an IntelliCorp Tote Bag


Smart DevOps for SAP Applications -Teched giveaway bags


Giveaways, prize draws and branded swag are a given at these events. If you’re planning to make the most of all the “free” stuff then first pick up an IntelliCorp tote bag to carry everything else in! Come and get your bag at booth #256 and while you’re with us, ask about the FREE S/4HANA impact assessments too.


Not at SAP TechEd this year but want more information? Take a look at the IntelliCorp blog for up-to-date IntelliCorp news, and learn more about our support for smart DevOps in this eBook here.