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3 LiveCompare Apps that Will Enable Smart DevOps for SAP in 2019


 Last year we ran a blog series about smart DevOps and how our software helps you adopt this approach, specifically related to SAP applications. You can catch up on the blog post series here, or download the smart DevOps eBook hereIn 2019, we..

In Case You Missed Them - Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018

The IntelliCorp blog is now two years old and we’ve published over 40 posts this year. To end the year, we share with you our top five most viewed posts. If you missed these then catch up below. 

How to use Smart DevOps Software to Decide Between a Greenfield or Brownfield S/4 HANA Upgrade Approach

Today we’re showing you how our smart software will help you define that path by providing a complete view of the readiness, impact and roadmap to SAP S/4HANA.

What You Need to Know About LiveCompare 3.8, Release 5


How to Simplify Data Management and Data Comparison using LiveCompare