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Automated HPQC Test Script Analysis using LiveCompare

We’ve worked with 100s of companies to help them focus and reduce their SAP application testing effort. Our customer benchmark shows an average test scope reduction of 85% . All companies run differently in terms of how they do their testing. Some do it all in-house, some outsource, some use third party tools and some use third party providers to manage the work. One thing is clear though, the companies we speak to want to improve test quality with l ess effort and ensure zero defects .
SAP analysis software tool for testing change management
Today on the blog we talk about how LiveCompare identifies test cases in HPE ALM which should be run when making a change to SAP applications.
One customer we work with use a third party provider to host their HPQC instance in the cloud. The third party provider also built all their test scripts and is responsible for running them on-demand in response to application change. There is a charge for every test script that is run. The goal then is to run the minimum set of test scripts that provide 100% change coverage.
Why run test scripts, and more importantly pay for them, when they won’t validate a change?
For this customer, LiveCompare is scheduled to run at the same day and time every week. LiveCompare automatically identifies all the transports containing the week’s changes and then analyses all of the data to identify the most-at-risk objects to test. LiveCompare then interrogates the HPQC environment to identify the relevant subset of tests to run. Lastly LiveCompare eliminates the manual effort of setting up an HPQC test lab and populates it with the tests to run.  The end result is the testing services company is handed a ready-to-run test lab filled with the right tests.
Customers can take advantage of LiveCompare’s flexible apps and schedule them to run as and when they need to. In this instance, this customer runs the LiveCompare to: 
1.    Analyse only the transactions that have scripts associated with them. This enables the customer to make best use of the scripts created by the third party. LiveCompare analyzes the scripts to see if all objects are included. Instead of taking everything that’s used, LiveCompare only looks at what has a test script associated with the transactions.
2.    Analyze transactions and programs that DO NOT have a test script associated with them. This will capture any gaps that were not covered in the first run and also recommend other possible impacted transactions and programs because they have a smaller relationship depth. 
Before using LiveCompare, our customer ran 100s of test scripts every week. By using LiveCompare they now run around 80 scripts that cover everything impacted by change. Here is an example of what the dashboard results look like:
SAP analysis software tool for testing change management

The hits and gaps are kept in the LiveCompare database so you can see the progress of the test reporting every week. An example of this trend analysis is shown below.
SAP analysis software tool for testing change management
The red graph shows the number of times a transaction has appeared in the gap list. Each bar represents one week. So by week 11 there are 6 impacted transactions with no test scripts – these are ideal candidates for new test development.
Do you want to reduce SAP application testing by 85%? If yes, c ontact us today to find out more and book a demo.