3 Customer Stories that Show you how LiveCompare Saves at Least 50% of External Consulting Costs

November 7, 2017 | E Dowey
SAP LiveCompare customer stories success case studies
Running SAP applications is expensive. Most organizations we work with use external consulting companies or systems integrators to do all, or part of the work involved. This may be work involved with an SAP HANA migration, or it may be the day-to-day running of SAP applications. We have many clients who outsource their testing and basis and security tasks. 
Today on the blog we show you how our customers use LiveCompare to save at least 50% of their external consulting costs by. In reality, our customers achieve much higher results and we show you this in three stories below.

Take a read of the stories below and let us know if you want to find out more. 
Go Faster & Safer with Live compare

8 years; 1,000,000 changes; 62K SAP notes; Zero Defects
An apparel company used LiveCompare to ensure the safe go-live of an 8 year backlog of SAP support packs. There were over 62,000 SAP Notes and 1.1M objects to analyze across the support packs, and this was for just the ECC component of SAP. Doing this analysis by hand was just not feasible.
By using LiveCompare they applied 8 years of supports packs and had zero fallout.  They ran a full comparison of all objects on the SPAU list prior to remediation, comparing the patched DEV system to PROD and PROD to QA to ensure there were no anomalies due to work in flight in the landscape. This ensured they had no surprises when they went live with a change in production.
Now that this company is up-to-date on support packs, they continue to use LiveCompare to run and maintain their SAP environments. Being able to compare code, configuration and data is critical to productivity at this organization. Without LiveCompare, it simply wouldn’t be possible. 
Go Faster & Safer with Live compare
Consulting Costs Reduced by 82%
A media company we work with underwent a large project to migrate their server and upgrade to the latest enhancement pack. They requested proposals from consulting companies and they were told to budget 20 consultants, with an estimated time frame of 5 months.
By using LiveCompare, they were able to estimate the scope of the project with 100% accuracy and reduce project duration to just two months. They decided to do the work in-house because the information LiveCompare gave them was fast and ensured zero defects. This level of analysis would not be possible without LiveCompare.
To help them complete the project, they only needed five external consultants. LiveCompare reduced manual effort by telling the team exactly where impacts would be, and by reporting on which members of the development team should work on specific code. Project consulting costs were reduced by a huge 82%.
Go Faster & Safer with Live compare

100% Change Coverage
One customer we work with use a third party provider to host their HPQC instance in the cloud. The third party provider also built all their test scripts and is responsible for running them on-demand in response to application change. Previous testing approaches would be to ask the business or test everything. And there is a charge for every test script that is run.
The goal then is to run the minimum set of test scripts that provide 100% change coverage.
For this customer, LiveCompare is scheduled to run at the same day and time every week. 
LiveCompare automatically identifies all the transports containing the week’s changes and then analyses all of the data to identify the most-at-risk objects to test. When we say most-at-risk objects, we mean the minimum set of transactions that need to be tested to cover all change. This algorithm and capability is unique to LiveCompare and you can read more here .
Next, LiveCompare interrogates the HPQC environment to identify the relevant subset of tests to run. Lastly LiveCompare eliminates the manual effort of setting up an HPQC test lab and populates it with the tests to run.
The end result is the testing services company is handed a ready-to-run test lab filled with the right tests. 

How do we do it?

It’s all about automation . Our software automates the time consuming, error prone, manual analysis associated with development, testing, and operations, freeing up labor costs to do with as you see fit. Cut your external consulting costs; redirect internal resources to more valuable activities. The choice is yours. 
Contact us today to find out more about LiveCompare and to start reducing your labor costs.


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