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How to Find and Fix ABAP Code Issues Before They Impact Production

Hello and welcome to our next post in this DevOps series. Today we explore the build stage and show you how to find and fix ABAP code issues before they impact the business.

Before we get into the build stage, take a look at our live webinar recording to give you in depth information on the topics we discuss below. 


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Find and Fix Code Fast

One of the challenges of agile development is the accumulation of technical debt. Blindly building for today can lead to complex code that is expensive to test and expensive to change tomorrow. This can lead to a saturation point where so many bugs are introduced with each change that the only recourse may be to start over – an expensive and extremely time consuming outcome.


Our smart software, LiveCompare, helps avoid the build-up of technical debt.



Compare Custom Code Across Multiple Systems
Code Watch App 

LiveCompare automatically assesses the quick and easy route to innovation, ensuring bad custom code doesn’t escape development into QAS and PRD systems. Code Watch is designed for custom releases and focuses on the custom code you have changed. You can prioritise development efforts to clean up the most costly items. 

Code complexity, performance, security, out-of-date practices and dependencies on SAP internals are examples of analyses supported by LiveCompare, which help you stay on top of technical debt. 


Match App


Eliminate Duplicate Custom Code

Over time, the same functionality may be created and used by different user communities across your business. LiveCompare helps you eliminate duplicate custom code. Why maintain half-a-dozen copies of the same program when we could maintain just one?


duplicate custom code

Find Clones

You may have cloned SAP objects to support your own business requirements. LiveCompare saves you time by automatically finding all the SAP objects you’ve cloned. LiveCompare finds the most similar objects using:

• Name
• Code
• Dependent Objects

And ranks each pair of objects using a similarity score – a bit like Internet search results.

So no matter how well (or how well intentioned) your naming conventions, LiveCompare will still find your clones.

Finding clones is especially useful when upgrading to newer Support Packs which may improve the original SAP object. You can easily see what changes should be integrated into your clones.

Return to Standard

Why maintain custom code when you could use standard SAP objects? LiveCompare’s ability to match clones with original SAP objects lets you quickly assess SAP’s improvements and decide if returning to standard will meet the needs of business.


For an overview of our code analysis, take a look at this 5 minute video about our Match app:





Code Guard App 

Code Guard is designed for custom code audits where it assesses all custom code. 


Identify Unused Custom Code

Removing unused custom code from the landscape eliminates wasted effort developing and testing programs that will never be used in the new production environment.

Assess Custom Code Quality & Analyze Complexity 

Understand the quality of custom code. How well was it written, how does it perform and how secure is it?


quality score card

Complex code is expensive, hard to change and hard to test. Complex code is more likely to suffer production defects. LiveCompare automatically computes the complexity of custom ABAP code and ranks it according to thresholds defined by SAP in their Developing Modern ABAP Applications white paper. You can read more here.



Automatic Code Remediation using LiveCompare

Let’s say that you are well on the way to cleaning up your custom code. What about SAP HANA?

LiveCompare not only identifies code that will break but it will re-write broken custom code automatically.

The Fix my Code app analyzes custom ABAP code, identifies what’s incompatible with SAP HANA and automatically remediates broken code. Find out more about automatic code remediation using Fix My Code in this recent blog post by our CTO, Chris Trueman.

Assess Impact on Other Project Streams

We work with many companies and it’s common for them to run multiple SAP application project streams in parallel. How can we understand which transports and objects on their way to production will be impacted? How can we avoid rework of our project, because another development stream is making changes to the same objects that we will use? How can we make sure we don’t miss transports?

LiveCompare automates the process of keeping tabs on transport naming standards and it stops transports from being missed. Read a customer story here.



By using LiveCompare in the build stage of your DevOps lifecycle, you can eliminate technical debt, finding and fixing problems before they impact production.

If you want to find out more, book a demo to take a look sooner and watch our webinar recording. 


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