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Understand the Impact of SAP Application Change on People, Processes and Systems


 Hello and welcome to our second post in our DevOps series. Today we explore the design stage and show you how our smart tools help organizations understand the impact of change on people, processes and systems. 


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Before we get into the design stage, take a look at our live webinar recording to give you in depth information on the topics we discuss below. 


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Automate, Automate, Automate

To understand the impact of SAP application change on people, processes and systems, we’re going to take a closer look at LiveModel and LiveCompare.


LiveModel provides us with an automated way of understanding the impact of change across business processes, as well as business users. It provides visibility into which users will be affected by change, allowing us to provision training requirements.

LiveCompare is used by companies of all sizes around the world to automate the time consuming, error prone and manual analysis associated with all SAP lifecycle events. Use LiveCompare during the design stage to:

• Automate impact analysis to understand the scope, risk and effort of a proposed change.
• Compare objects and IMG configuration to understand if there will be problems between multi-system landscapes.
• Analyze performance and complexity of custom code.

Visualize Project Impact on Business Processes

LiveModel includes all the business process modelling features needed to support business process driven change:

• Reverse business process engineering to turn live SAP systems into business process models.
• Overlay multiple live SAP systems to compare processes in different regions, countries, plants etc.
• Identify SAP business process gaps.

LiveModel Design Image.png



LiveModel uses annotations – the blue, red and green shapes – to represent one to many datasets that are drawn in the context of the model. In the above example:

• Blue – used process
• Red – impacted process
• Green- testable process

Project the Impact of Change

Project the impact of proposed changes on SAP systems by combining LiveCompare’s unique impact analysis with LiveModel.

Before a single line of code is changed or a single configuration record is updated, use LiveCompare to analyze the impact of the proposed changes.


Overlay the results using LiveModel to visualise the impact on business processes.


Synchronize Systems

LiveCompare ships with apps that minimize rework during the development process, allowing users to understand what is the same, different or unique across multiple systems.

Understand where code issues lie between Dev, QA and Production.

Analyze modified objects and be sure that once development starts, objects are reflected across the landscape. Run IMG comparisons to understand if there are problems in IMG tables across the landscape and use the LiveCompare release assurance app to ensure transports are not missing objects before they reach production.

Understand Custom Code

LiveCompare comes with apps that make custom code analysis fast and accurate. Run custom code analysis based on transports, ChaRM change requests, named objects, development classes or developers. Report on code quality and drill down to a single object, or the objects maintained by a specific developer, or all the custom objects in this week's release.



By using IntelliCorp software you can accurately determine risk, scope and effort involved with your project. You’ll be able to enable effective IT and business communication with systems analysis and business process visualization, as well as accelerate the testing of change.


Want to see LiveCompare in action? Watch our webinar recording to understand the information discussed in this post in detail below! 


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