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Everything You Need to Know About LiveCompare 3.7!

upgrade to livecompare for sap upgrade analysis
Today on the blog we share with you all you need to know about the new release of LiveCompare 3.7 .
LiveCompare is designed with one goal in mind: to reduce your labor costs, internal or external, by at least 50%.
LiveCompare 3.7 is packed with new apps that support custom code and smart impact analysis. Upgrade your custom code to SAP HANA® automatically with the new Fix My Code app. Better manage the technical debt of custom code using Code Watch. LiveCompare 3.7 also includes improved smart impact analysis and faster cloud-powered analysis for SAP HANA upgrades.
Contact us today if you are new to LiveCompare and want to find out more. 
Better manage the work your systems integrator does
One customer we work with use a third party provider to host their HPQC instance in the cloud. The third party provider also built all their test scripts and is responsible for running them on-demand in response to application change. There is a charge for every test script that is run. The goal then is to run the minimum set of test scripts that provide 100% impact coverage. Why run test scripts, and more importantly pay for them, when they validate something that isn’t changed or impacted? Before using LiveCompare, this customer ran, and paid for, 100s of test scripts every week. By using LiveCompare they now run on average 80 scripts that cover everything impacted by change. 
Here is an example of what the dashboard results look like:

LiveCompare SAP Impact Analysis Testing
Cut consulting costs by 82%
A media company we work with reduced SAP consulting costs by 82%. With the help of IntelliCorp’s LiveCompare, they were able to estimate the scope of the project fast and accurately.
What's New in LiveCompare 3.7?
Fix My Code is a new app that fixes 80% of your ABAP code as you upgrade to SAP HANA.

Code Watch is a new app to manage custom code technical debt.
Smarter impact analysis prioritizes testing of your most-at-risk objects.

Custom dashboards powered by LiveCompare allow everyone across the business to access the information they need. 

Automated test analysis provides an “early warning” as to which automated tests will be impacted for users of HP ALM and automation engines that integrate with HPE ALM. Ensure with every release, your automated tests work. 

Faster cloud-powered LiveCompare SAP HANA upgrade analysis .

New Compare Adobe Form s functionality makes it faster to compare important SAP data and information between forms. Understand when and how forms changed between releases to ensure full test and training cover. 
SAP Maintenance Planner integration.

Upgrade today! 

LiveCompare 3.7 enables organizations to reduce their labor costs by at least 50%. Do you want to find out how we can help you reduce your costs too? Contact us today if you are new to LiveCompare and want to find out more.