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Everything You Need to Know About LiveCompare's Impact App

Today on the IntelliCorp blog we’re asking an important question; “how can we reduce testing effort by at least 85% with zero defects?” The answer? LiveCompare’s Impact App. Impact supports the testing phase of the smart DevOps lifecycle allowing users to increase release velocity without sacrificing quality. Users can ditch the traditional “test everything” approach, testing only what they need to.  

How Does Impact Work?


Impact is very easy to set-up and run. Point it at an SAP system that contains your changes and provide a specification of the objects to analyze. This could be a set of transports, data from an integrated change and release management system, or even a set of objects you’re proposing to change – an advanced capability we call projected impact analysis which is very useful when responding to change requests mid-sprint.


LiveCompare supports all SAP application change events including:

  • Custom Releases
  • Support packs/stacks
  • Enhancement packs
  • Upgrades


In addition to its great support for transaction-based SAP applications, LiveCompare features special flavors of smart impact analysis designed for:

  • Extended Warehouse Management
  • CRM
  • BW
  • Payroll
  • Security


Which Test Automation Tools Integrate with Impact?

LiveCompare integrates with many different test tools such as Azure DevOps, Micro Focus ALM, Tricentis Tosca, Worksoft Certify, and even Excel. These integrations automate the discovery of hits and gaps, help you prioritize tests and maintain the health of your automation assets.


What Results Does Impact Produce?

The Impact app dashboard gives you all the important information in a series of easy to use charts.

  • Used, Impacted and Most-at-risk objects to test
  • Test hits and gaps
  • Breakdown of impact by application area



What Do Our Customers Say?


Weir Minerals use LiveCompare to ensure their systems are safe and secure with zero defects. They use Impact to understand what to test, integrating with ALM to identify test hits and gaps.


“By using LiveCompare’s impact analysis apps, we felt happy that everything that needed to be tested, HAD been tested,” Rozman Shariff, Technical Solution Director


A utilities industry customer uses LiveCompare to prioritize the company’s SAP application testing and found:


“By using LiveCompare we’ve adopted a proactive approach to testing. We spent far too much time wading through regression testing to find out what had been impacted. LiveCompare means we focus and prioritize our testing.” Utilities Company


Find Out More about Impact Today

Impact enables you to start testing earlier, focus on the most-at-risk objects to test, maintain the health of tests (so that they truly become assets) and deliver working software faster, with zero defects.


Want to learn more about our smart DevOps apps? Contact us today to book a demo.