How IntelliCorp Customers Reduce SAP Application Labor Costs by 50%

August 28, 2017 | B Taunt
Did you know LiveCompare reduces the labor costs associated with managing SAP application change by at least 50%? How does LiveCompare reduce labor costs? Well, it’s all about automation. Our software automates the time consuming, error prone, manual analysis associated with SAP applications. From major projects like SAP HANA® migrations, to daily operational changes, our customers use LiveCompare to reduce cost, risk and effort.

Today we share with you five customer quotes that highlight why our customers love LiveCompare.

The Coca-Cola Company 
The Coca-Cola Company cut SAP license analysis from 80 hours to just 1 hour using LiveCompare. They save time and get accurate results which they can share with the business. Read the full case study here
how coca cola use livecompare for SAP Analysis
A Large Media Company
A media company we work with was able to accurately estimate their project scope using LiveCompare. Consulting companies budgeted 20 consultants for five months, to support a migration project. Instead, this media company used LiveCompare and cut their project time down to just two months, reducing costs by a huge 89%.
livecompare reduces consulting costs for SAP projects
A Large Manufacturing Company
The basis and tools team at a large manufacturing company we work with, use LiveCompare to analyze and report on the security of their SAP applications. LiveCompare analyzes roles and authorizations and eliminates the need for manual verification.
using LiveCompare for SAP security roles profiles analysis
A Large Technology Company
A global technology company that we work with  has increased production release days by 40% annually. LiveCompare’s smart impact analysis tells the team exactly what to test and why, and reduces testing scope by at least 85%.
using LiveCompare to reduce testing effort and manual analysis
Weir Minerals  

Weir Minerals used LiveCompare and LiveModel to help them move 20 different ERP systems to one global system. Used together, these tools analyze and visualize the impact of change on code, transactions and end users. The results allow Weir to visualize business change faster, with zero defects. Read the full case study here .
Weir minerals case study livecompare and livemodel
If you want to read more customer case studies, take a look on our resources page here .

Contact us today to find out more about LiveCompare and LiveModel and how you can start reducing your labor costs by 50%.

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