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eBook: How LiveCompare Supports S/4HANA Upgrades

Nearly 1,500 companies have implemented SAP S/4HANA according to SAP, with 19 percent of customers actively using it. Since 2015, adoption of the SAP S/4HANA idea has been growing as more companies see the benefits of implementing the newest version of SAP.


“As the business benefits, adoption paths, and product roadmaps become clearer for SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Platform, we’ll see a substantial uptick in customers not only investing in the technologies, but actively using them.” (Source: Where Are Customers in Their SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Platform Adoption?)

SAP cloud and on prem


Whether your organization is looking into the best solution to support the ERP change by using a new implementation (Greenfield approach) or system conversion (Brownfield or Bluefield approach), LiveCompare software helps customers receive accurate results to make the upgrade process easier.


Many organizations are hesitant to make the move based on the complexity involved, finding the right system integrator, and the effort involved in training end users. With various changes being continuously made in SAP, organizations look for a tool like LiveCompare to understand what will be impacted in the system when upgrading to S/4HANA.


LiveCompare provides a deep analysis of your "as-is" and "to-be" SAP application environments. LiveCompare eliminates the tedious amount of effort required to determine the impact on customizations, configuration and usage in the context of an S/4HANA migration by highlighting business processes not yet supported by S/4HANA.


Today, we give you a brief overview from our new HANA eBook on how customers benefit from using LiveCompare during the S/4HANA upgrade process. To view the full eBook, download here.


The Custom Code Challenge


As organizations continue to expand and add more information within the enterprise, custom code grows in complexity making it hard to change, test, and support. LiveCompare’s dedicated development apps fix various issues before moving to production to ensure that production is not affected by inadequate code.  


The following apps help our customers understand custom code, specifically relating to the S/4HANA upgrade.


Code Watch supports ABAP developers by performing a custom code analysis based on transports, data from an integrated change and release management system (including SAP Solution Manager ChaRM), named objects, development classes or developers.


Fix My Code analyzes all custom ABAP- stack based applications and identifies what is incompatible with S/4HANA.


Fix my code screenshot 

How to Test Smarter


LiveCompare crunches through your SAP data and provides reports which will tell you exactly what to test and why—use the Impact app for this analysis.


How Can We Identify Impacted Interfaces


LiveCompare connects to your SAP systems and discovers integration points that use standard SAP interfacing techniques such as IDOC and BDC.


The Security Challenge

LiveCompare’s automated analysis determines the impact of an upgrade on roles, profiles, and authorizations and provides a simple way to identify differences across the SAP application landscape.


How Can We Ensure Zero Business Disruption


Have you ever seen a name in the system and did not know who it was or what it was for? In various organizations, roles and authorizations can be miscounted for, making it difficult to determine who will be impacted across the business. Luckily, LiveCompare shows you the impacted users, enabling trainers to eliminate post go-live productivity dips.


Integrate your DevOps teams to understand how upgrades will affect the whole SAP application lifecycle. What are you waiting for? Upgrade to S/4HANA today with the support of LiveCompare!


Download our eBook here to make informed decisions before migrating to S/4HANA.