How Sky Mexico Saves 82% on SAP Project Consulting Costs

November 28, 2017 | E Dowey
Sky Mexico Save 82 Percent on SAP consulting costs
We’ve published some amazing customer stories throughout 2017 and this one from Sky Mexico is no exception.
Sky Mexico uses IntelliCorp software, LiveCompare and LiveModel , to save 82% on consulting costs associated with SAP application projects and changes.
That’s right, an 82% saving on consulting costs.
Other benefits include:
  • Faster, safer SAP application changes.
  • Increased availability of internal resources.
  • Increased visibility and accountability of consulting work.
  • Increased productivity from tool integration.
"With the help of IntelliCorp's LiveCompare, we were able to estimate the scope of the project more accurately and without taking risks. We decided to do it ourselves with the help of LiveCompare, and we finished it all in two months, needing only five external consultants. With these five consultants we managed to execute the whole project because LiveCompare reduced the effort by telling us exactly where impacts would be. We reduced project consulting costs by 82%."
Ricardo Calderon, Director of SAP at Sky Mexico
How Does LiveCompare Help?
LiveCompare enabled the Sky team to make accurate calculations regarding the resources required for their server migration project.
LiveCompare told Sky what the impact of change would be on their SAP systems, allowing them to focus testing effort on only impacted tests.  
LiveCompare monitored and evaluated the work done by consultants. For example it allowed them to keep track of work completed by the development team. Sky were able to validate that the ABAP code created by external consultants was developed to the highest standards.
Business Processes
Sky uses LiveCompare alongside IntelliCorp’s LiveModel software. This makes it easy for them to understand the impact of change on their business processes.
“With LiveModel, in addition to doing an impact analysis at the SAP object level, we obtain it at the process level. LiveModel identifies which processes will be impacted by the modification we are going to make. In turn, when integrated with HPE-QC, the tests are done in a more automated way.”
LiveModel impact of change on business processes using LiveCompare
Time-Based Data Comparisons
Sky uses LiveCompare to monitor key data. Business critical master data are stored in vaults – a unique LiveCompare system that supports time-based data comparisons. In the past, changes were made to important data and it was difficult to determine when and by whom.
Now Sky uses a LiveCompare app to check the numbers within the vault every day. If it finds changes, it triggers a notification, telling Sky what the change is and who made it. A warning is sent by email to those responsible, and they are tasked with finding out if the change is legitimate.
Auditing Systems
Another way Sky uses LiveCompare is for auditing SAP systems and ensuring compliance.
“Before using LiveCompare, it was impossible to know for sure if we were compliant. We had to download a lot of information from different tables and track it in Excel. This took a long time and wasn’t accurate.”
By using LiveCompare, Sky can ensure they are compliant, analysing segregation of duties and mitigating risk to the business.
Find Out More
If you’d like to read the full case study, click here . If you’d like to find out how LiveCompare and LiveModel will help you ensure safe, secure systems in 2018 then contact us today to book a demo.

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