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How to Audit SAP License Use Fast and Accurately Using LiveCompare

It is very important to monitor SAP application license usage – something that has taken more time and effort as our SAP estates have grown. Recent news coverage has focused peoples’ attention on finding ways to simplify accurate reporting of license usage.

As our SAP systems expand to support more business processes, it becomes challenging to stay on top of license use. This can lead to unexpected licensing costs, true-up fees and overall business disruption. Sifting through data to get at useful license and user information is time consuming and error prone.

Do you know how many professional licenses are unused across your organization? Could these be traded for more appropriate licenses? 

Read on and join us on a live webinar  where we will show you how to automate SAP license audits fast and accurately!
Fast, accurate and repeatable SAP license audits using LiveCompare
At The Coca-Cola Company , finance wanted a quarterly SAP license report from IT to budget for future license spend. Producing the report was time consuming, not easily repeated and inaccurate. IT had to log in to each production SAP system, and piece together user data manually.

This manual process was replaced by IntelliCorp’s smart lifecycle management software LiveCompare. LiveCompare connects to 25 production SAP systems, collects user and usage data and assembles a management report that provides the insights finance required. The app they use takes an hour to run and reduces the masses of data into a simple, easy-to-consume report that highlights usage in three categories:

•    Full professional
•    Limited professional
•    Display license

To learn more about how The Coca-Cola Company use LiveCompare to audit their license use, take a read here .

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