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How to Enable Continuous Delivery Across Your SAP Environment - The DevOps Deploy Stage

Hello and welcome to our next post in our DevOps series. Today we move to the deploy stage and show you how our smart tools help organizations move to continuous delivery.
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Release Any Time with Zero Defects

Imagine being able to introduce change to the SAP landscape as and when you need to, without compromising quality and safety. IntelliCorp’s smart software, LiveCompare, makes this possible. Customers use LiveCompare to guarantee the integrity of every production release.

Let’s find out how…

Identifying Broken Dependencies Automatically

A common source of production issues are broken dependencies. If you look outside of SAP and the rise of containers, the main advantage is that the same collection of stuff is run in DEV, QAS and PRD. We don’t have containers in SAP (yet?) but we do have LiveCompare’s Release Assurance app.

Consider the case of two developers: Alice and Bob. Alice changes a FUNC and Bob uses the new version of the FUNC in his PROG. Both changes are promoted from DEV to QAS. For whatever reason, Alice’s change is kept back from PRD. At best Bob’s change won’t import. At worse it will fail at runtime.


The graphic above serves to explain the problem. In reality development teams contain tens or hundreds of engineers, distributed across many time zones. As teams grow, the likelihood of broken dependency failures increases.

Deployment is our last chance to catch this common source of production defects.

LiveCompare’s Release Assurance app handles this analysis automatically. Let’s look at how this app works.



The app set up is straight-forward. It needs just three inputs:

1. QAS
2. PRD
3. Release transports

Release Assurance outputs a summary dashboard and detailed reports:



In this case, it is not safe to promote the release into production. There are outstanding differences in both dependents (child objects) and ancestors (parent objects) that should be resolved.

Speed up Change with Zero Defects

IntelliCorp customers use LiveCompare's Release Assurance app to guarantee the integrity of every production release, automatically identifying dependencies that will be missed if the release transports are promoted to production.

Use this app to increase release velocity and achieve zero defects.

If you want to find out more, watch our webinar recording. 

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