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How to Fix Custom Code For an Upgrade to SAP HANA®

How to Fix Custom Code For an Upgrade to SAP HANA
Automatic Code Remediation for SAP HANA® Upgrades

Today on the blog we share with you a new app that ships with LiveCompare 3.7: Fix my Code .

Fix my Code analyzes custom ABAP code, identifies what’s incompatible with SAP HANA and proposes the necessary corrections. While we prefer to call this “fix my code”, the capability is often called “automatic code remediation”. Using Fix My Code as part of LiveCompare’s support for SAP HANA transformations reduces labor costs by at least 50%. Find out more about Fix My Code in this recent blog post by our CTO, Chris Trueman. 
Speed Up ABAP Code Correction

The reports generated by LiveCompare should be shared with your development team to speed up ABAP code corrections. Smart filters in the reports allow team members to prioritize issues, focusing on the business critical code first. 
Monitor Progress through your SAP HANA Upgrade

LiveCompare allows you to keep track of your development team and understand what’s fixed and what isn’t.

Fix my code will analyze any custom ABAP code and supports all ABAP-stack based SAP applications.
fix my code app using LiveCompare for SAP HANA Upgrades

Upfront Code Analysis Before a Move to SAP HANA
When upgrading to SAP HANA, you need to ensure code will work on the new system. LiveCompare will tell you how much custom code you have, how much is actually used. It will give you an accurate idea of what code can be retired, cleaned up or moved back to standard. Make sure that when you switch over to HANA, everything is ready and production won’t break.
•    Find all issues with custom code
•    Understand how much code will need fixing
•    Eliminate unused custom code
•    Eliminate duplicate custom code
•    Replace custom code with standard
•    Prioritize issues depending on what is critical to your business
•    Roll out reports to your team
•    Ensure that new ABAP code won’t break and is HANA ready
•    Agile analysis tells you which code you need to fix in your to-be system
•    Run cross-system comparisons to understand what’s been fixed and what hasn’t.

Wherever you are on your SAP HANA journey, you can start cleaning up custom code today. Don’t wait until the start of an upgrade project. Contact us now to book a demo.