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How to Make SAP® Security Administration Faster and Easier

SAP segregation of duty challenges how to
Analyzing SAP application Segregation of Duties (SoD) can be a headache for any organization. Over time, SAP application provisioning grows in complexity as users accumulate more roles. This makes managing and auditing SAP security difficult.
Detecting SoD violations as the system evolves can be time consuming and error prone. Imagine multiple conflicts across your organization – it isn’t a pretty picture.

Today on the IntelliCorp blog, we share with you a number of ways to:

•    Automate SoD analysis: 
•    Identify SoD conflicts
•    Proactively address SoD conflicts 
•    Self-audit to prevent future problems

What are Segregation of Duties?

Segregation of Duties are a set of internal controls aimed at preventing risk to the business. SoD aims to ensure employees don’t have conflicting responsibilities when it comes to using certain business transactions. Any department that handles accounting records or controls assets should focus on implementing SoDs. What measures do you have in place to identify SoD conflicts?

Visualize Segregation of Duty Conflicts Across the Business

LiveCompare is smart software that automates the analysis of SoD conflicts. LiveCompare reports contain organizational data such as the User Group, the User, and conflicting transactions. Used together with LiveModel , IntelliCorp’s smart business process modelling software, users get a complete view of all SoD conflicts and potential issues. 
This information can be rolled out to specific business units and flagged for investigation. For more detail on how LiveCompare and LiveModel connect to visualize SoD conflicts, take a look at this iShare blog post here

In the screen shot below the blue diamond represents Potential Conflicts and the red ellipse represents Actual Conflicts. 
segregation of duties livemodel SAP governance compliance
The numbers show the count of users in each category. This can be used by audit, security and basis teams to focus on the most critical conflicts first. 
segregation of duties SAP applications
Analyzing SAP application Segregation of Duties (SoD) doesn’t have to be challenging and time-consuming. By integrating smart software such as LiveCompare and LiveModel into your SAP ALM strategy, you can get real-time information on all SoD conflicts.

Used together, LiveCompare and LiveModel make managing security and compliance of SAP applications much easier. Instead of wasting crucial time trying to identify the issues, you can instead spend time proactively avoiding issues. 

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about using our tools for your SAP application security and compliance needs. For further reading on SAP application license management, take a look here .