How to Reduce the Technical Debt of Custom ABAP Code

November 1, 2017 | E Dowey
How to Reduce the Technical Debt of Custom ABAP Code
Today on the blog we’re talking about technical debt and how to reduce it in custom ABAP code. We’ll answer questions such as: what is it? What does it cost our business? We will share how our smart software, LiveCompare, is used to reduce technical debt and helps you maintain lean custom ABAP code which is easier to change, easier to test and runs safer in production.
We explain how our software saves you time, providing accurate results and reducing internal or external labor costs by at least 50%.
What does “Technical Debt” mean?
According to Wikipedia , technical debt is a concept in software development that reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of a better approach that may take longer.
As companies look to adopt agile development practices, the pressure to implement the quick and easy solution now, increases and can lead to a saturation point where so many bugs are introduced with each change that the only recourse may be to start over – an expensive and extremely time consuming outcome. This is surely one of the reasons why so many agile programs have failed.
Our software, LiveCompare , can help.
 Our software, LiveCompare , can help.
LiveCompare automatically assesses the quick and easy route to innovation, ensuring bad custom code doesn’t escape development into QAS and PRD systems.
Code complexity, performance, security, out-of-date practices and dependencies on SAP internal are examples of analyses supported by LiveCompare, which help you stay on top of technical debt.
Why is Custom ABAP Code a Challenge?
Pressure to implement change yesterday means that we typically look for the easiest option. We develop custom ABAP code to support business demands but over time custom code grows in complexity making it hard to change, hard to test and hard to support. Bad custom ABAP code is hard to keep track of and is expensive to maintain. Why continue paying for bad code when you can clean it up? Bad code hampers innovation and business agility, and puts the business at risk.
Why is Custom ABAP Code a Challenge?
How much does technical debt cost?
It costs you time and effort to maintain bad code. Over the short term, you’re sacrificing other work your development team could be doing. Ask yourself, could your team’s time be better spent driving revenue/innovation rather than cleaning up code?
The cost of technical debt vs. the cost of lost business opportunities.
What are the benefits of tackling “Technical Debt”?
If you clean up code today, it will be easier to maintain in the future, enabling developers to work on projects that drive business innovation and revenue, rather than maintaining bad code.
If we invest in LiveCompare to clean up custom ABAP code, we could introduce new features and innovation to the business faster, and attract more customers, driving revenue.
How to Reduce the Technical Debt of Custom ABAP Code using LiveCompare software for SAP applications dashboard
When should you start cleaning up custom ABAP code?
You don’t need to be in the throes of an SAP HANA upgrade to start thinking about reducing the cost of technical debt. You can start cleaning up custom code today.
How can you clean up custom ABAP code fast and accurately?
By using IntelliCorp’s smart software, LiveCompare.
How to Reduce the Technical Debt of Custom ABAP Code using LiveCompare software for SAP applications code quallity
How Can LiveCompare help us?
LiveCompare apps find all the technical debt in your custom code. You can prioritise development efforts to clean up the most costly items. Maybe security is your number one priority; or performance; or code complexity. Whatever your priorities, LiveCompare helps you reduce technical debt.
Understand what custom code exists and what is impacted. What percentage of custom code is used by the business? Can this be retired, cleaned up or moved back to standard?
  • Eliminate Duplicate Custom Code
Over time, the same functionality may be created and used by different user communities across your business. LiveCompare helps you eliminate duplicate custom code. Why maintain half-a-dozen copies of the same program when we could maintain just one?
Eliminate Duplicate Custom Code
  • Find Clones
You may have cloned SAP objects to support your own business requirements. LiveCompare save you time by automatically finding all the SAP objects you’ve cloned.
  • Return to Standard
Why maintain custom code when you could use standard SAP objects? LiveCompare will find all code that can be returned to standard.
  • Identify Unused Custom Code
Removing unused custom code from the upgrade project eliminates wasted effort developing and testing pro-grams that will never be used in the new production environment.
  • Assess Custom Code Quality
Understand the quality of custom code. How well was it written, how does it perform and how secure is it?
How to Reduce the Technical Debt of Custom ABAP Code using LiveCompare software for SAP applications
  • Analyze Complexity of Custom Code
Complex code is expensive, hard to change and hard to test. Complex code is more likely to suffer production defects.
For an overview of our code analysis, take a look at this 5 minute video about our Match app:
Automatic Code Remediation using LiveCompare
Let’s say that you are well on the way to cleaning up your custom code. What about SAP HANA?
LiveCompare not only identifies code that will break but it will re-write broken custom code automatically.
The Fix my Code app analyzes custom ABAP code, identifies what’s incompatible with SAP HANA and automatically remediates broken code. Find out more about automatic code remediation using Fix My Code in this recent blog post by our CTO, Chris Trueman.
Find Out More
Are you bogged down with custom ABAP code? Are you unsure how much custom code you have across your SAP landscape?
LiveCompare saves you time when tackling the clean-up of custom code. LiveCompare provides accurate results and reduces internal or external labor costs by at least 50%, freeing up your team to focus efforts on projects that will drive business revenue.
Contact us today to learn more about how LiveCompare will help you reduce your technical debt.

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