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How to Roll Out SAP Application Changes Faster with Zero Defects

 Release Assurance series

Today on the blog, we share with you the benefits of using LiveCompare’s Release Assurance app to support the operations stage of Smart DevOps. Release Assurance maximizes the integrity of every production release, helping users deploy SAP application changes faster to meet the demanding needs of the business without sacrificing quality and safety.

How Does Release Assurance Work? 

Release Assurance identifies a common source of production defects, namely missing or different dependencies. With every object in the release transports, Release Assurance finds the dependencies between both parents and the children. From there, each dependency is compared between QAS and PRD. Next, the dependencies that are different and not in the release transports are highlighted in the dashboard and detail report.




What potential errors could occur? At worst, an ABAP short dump will occur in production leading to a costly defect. What potential benefits occur? At best, these dependencies will delay the release – SAP will reject the transports. At worst an ABAP short dump will occur in production leading to a costly defect.


What Results Does Release Assurance Produce?

Release Assurance produces analytics and dashboards to give your SAP team the information they need. For example, this dashboard shows the number of child and parent objects that are different which is not included in the release transports.



Why Do Customers Use Release Assurance?


“Using LiveCompare saves time and effort when comparing SAP and non-SAP data. It means we can quickly validate the integrity of huge amounts of data that would not have been possible if we were restricted to downloading tables and comparing in Excel.” -International Oil & Gas Company


“In the past, we would test everything. It took too long and things were missed. We now use LiveCompare to automate impact analysis.” Change and Release Manager- Large Technology Company



Find Out More about Release Assurance Today

Release Assurance helps developers identify dependencies that need to be fixed and ensure that all operations are functioning efficiently.  


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