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How to Simplify Data Management and Data Comparison using LiveCompare

Digital transformation and innovation to support the business means changing our SAP systems. And change means risk to the business. In this blog post we highlight ways our customers use smart DevOps software, LiveCompare, to eliminate this risk and understand how customers manage data across multiple systems, automatically comparing tables, code, configuration and user data during large projects.


Big Data and Smart DevOps


Big data is certainly not a new concept. Think about all the data your SAP systems hold. Are you able to analyze it and understand how it is impacted when you make a change to your system? According to SAP and IDC, “Seventy-four percent of enterprises say their data landscape is so complex that it limits agility” (source:  )


Fortunately for LiveCompare users, the answer is simple. LiveCompare is able to access, extract, compare and analyze any data; SAP data such as master data, table data and IMG data, as well as non-SAP data. The analysis is fast, accurate, repeatable and shareable.  




Data Management and Comparison Use Cases


IntelliCorp customers use LiveCompare to tackle their data challenges. Here are some examples:

  • Table data comparison
  • User data validation
  • Dual maintenance validation reports – are business as usual (BAU) and project streams synchronized?
  • Pre and post-upgrade data comparisons
  • DEV, QA and PRD data comparisons to understand issues such as  varying line counts in tables.
  • Transport analysis - Before changes in code or configuration are released, a full list of transports, their owner and their last change date and status is created for complete visibility.
  • Daily miss reports detail any transports that haven’t landed.


“Using LiveCompare saves time and effort with several types of data comparison, allowing project teams to validate the integrity of immense amounts of data. This would not be possible if we were restricted to downloading tables and comparing in Microsoft Excel.”






  • Save time and effort when comparing data.
  • Validate the integrity of data.
  • Create repeatable processes using LiveCompare.
  • Share these processes and results with your team.


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