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How to Solve your SAP Application Interface Challenges Now

How to Solve your SAP Application Interface Challenges Now
Today on the blog we focus on LiveInterface . If you are not familiar with the tool, it is an SAP integration tool. Customers use LiveInterface to build interfaces to lower development and maintenance cost. They then use LiveInterface to monitor and manage those interfaces, reducing the amount of time spent error handling.

LiveInterface solves the challenges of transforming and moving data between SAP and non-SAP applications. Without a proper strategy for managing integration between systems, organizations struggle to fully automate and optimize their business processes.
With the release of LiveInterface 14 last month, we put together a 60 second video. Take a look here to find out how LiveInterface will solve your SAP data management challenges.
Why LiveInterface?

LiveInterface provides a true end-to-end view of the interface life, all in one place. The “snapshot” allows you to monitor and audit interfaces, with reprocessing capabilities to save time and effort.   

•    Quick interface creation
•    Easy maintenance and easy to change
•    End to end visibility
•    Reprocessing of errors
•    Easy monitoring

LiveInterface Use Case Examples
Retail organizations we work with use LiveInterface to set their interfaces up fast and with minimal effort. A customer we work in the retail sector with use LiveInterface to transform their point-of-sale (POS) data from the tills in their retail outlets, to their SAP BW system.
LiveInterface allows them to move this data fast, so the business can visualize it when needed. They also use LiveInterface to keep their SAP system synchronized with product data from an external system used for online sales.

A manufacturer uses LiveInterface to send and receive data from SAP systems and non-SAP systems. Interface development time was reduced by 40% and LiveInterface provides a complete environment for monitoring and managing their interfaces. 

A car manufacturer we work with uses LiveInterface to solve their data migration challenges between a spare parts system housed outside of SAP. By using LiveInterface any updates made to the materials parts in SAP, trigger LiveInterface extracts and IDOCs back to the spare parts system.
See LiveInterface in Action

Spend too much time and effort building, monitoring and managing interfaces? Contact us today to find out more, book a demo or speak with our customers. 
For additional information, take a read of this datasheet and retail case study