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How to use LiveCompare’s Upgrade Assessor App to Run an SAP S/4 HANA Impact Assessment

SAP S2F4 HANA Impact Assessment


Today on the blog we explain how LiveCompare’s Upgrade Assessor App works to help you scope the effort involved with a move to SAP S/4 HANA. Whether you’re thinking of a greenfield approach, a brownfield approach, or somewhere in between, LiveCompare’s upgrade assessment helps you make that decision by giving you fact-based information on what your current SAP system looks like, and the impact and effort involved with a move to SAP S/4 HANA.
We’re offering our readers a FREE Upgrade Assessment using the Upgrade Assessor app. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, contact us now.

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We recently ran a short webinar to show the assessor app in action. To watch the replay, take a look here.

Spot the Difference

So how does Upgrade Assessor work?

In the most basic sense, LiveCompare automates a “spot the difference” between your as-is SAP system and the to-be one you’re considering a move to.

Use LiveCompare to take an as-is snapshot and then upload this snapshot to the LiveCompare cloud. We then run a comparison for you against a HANA system running in our lab.

LiveCompare’s smart analysis finds everything SAP has changed and more importantly, shows what the impact of that change will be on our business.

LiveCompare’s analysis considers the upgrade from six key perspectives: development, testing, integration, data validation, security and training.


And the Results?

LiveCompare produces a dashboard report and upgrade summary, as well as detailed reports which drill down into those five areas.

upgradeassessor-dashboard (1)

Answer Your Questions Fast and Accurately


• What custom code isn’t compatible with SAP S/4 HANA and needs to be fixed?
• What custom code is unused and can be retired?
• What high-value technical debt can we pay off?


• What is most-at-risk?
• What objects should we test?
• What can we test?
• Where are the gaps?


• What roles and profiles are impacted?
• Is our custom code secure?
• Do we have segregation of duty violations?


• What systems integrate with our SAP System?
• What systems do we feed with our SAP System?
• What IDocs, BAPIs, BDCs, and Call Transactions will change?


Data Validation

• What data loss can occur?
• Can any data change during the upgrade? 
• Can there be any data duplication?


• What are the affected areas?
• Who needs training

LiveCompare SAP HANA Upgrade Assessor Questions answered (1)

LiveCompare’s Upgrade Assessor app helps organizations adopt smart DevOps for SAP S/4 HANA transformations. Based on customer benchmarks, the value of using LiveCompare is clear: 30X cheaper, 85% faster and zero defects. And best of all the LiveCompare SAP S/4 HANA upgrade assessment is available free-of-charge for a limited period. Contact us today to book your assessment.

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