IntelliCorp Joins The LAM Research Heart and Soles Run in Santa Clara!

March 28, 2017 | B Taunt
avaya stadium lam research heart and sole run intellicorp
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Every fall and spring season, IntelliCorp participates in charity runs around the Santa Clar a County, put on by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation . This year was our first time joining the 6k and 10K  Heart and Soles Run , sponsored by LAM Research.  

It rained the night before the race but when I woke up early the next morning, I was happy to see the sun peeking out of the clouds. As soon as I stepped outside, the smell of wet asphalt lingered and the crisp air hit my skin. On the way to the race course, the sky began to change and brighten, reflecting warm sunlight onto the starting line of the race.

Participants and volunteers of all ages support the races which benefit various Boys and Girls Clubs around the Bay Area. Starting at Santa Clara University, the participants headed toward the Avaya Stadium . The stadium is the home of Major League Soccer's San Jose Earthquakes .
avaya stadium lam research heart and sole run intellicorp
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Once people started to get closer to the stadium, you could hear the chatter and excitement running through the famous stadium. It was my first time being inside the Avaya Stadium, so naturally I had to run up the stands to take a panoramic picture. 

Supporters cheered at each corner of the race course and threw us water as we ran by them. The last block of the race was the best moment, seeing people push their hardest and run past the finish line. Volunteers at the side cheered us on, encouraging everyone to push on and go as fast as they could across the finish line. As the announcers called out the names of each runner, you could hear support from family and friends.

At the end of the race, the IntelliCorp team came together, wearing our first ever Heart and Soles medals!
avaya stadium lam research heart and sole run intellicorp
Families and their children crowded near all the tents handing out healthy snacks. Looking around at all the people supporting the races made us feel proud to have been a part of them!
Not only is the Heart and Soles Run a fun event, but it also encourages children to live healthy lifestyles and engage in healthy activity. We can't wait to take part in our next race!
avaya stadium lam research heart and sole run intellicorp


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