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Learn How To Identify Differences Between SAP Systems in This Video

Learn How To Identify Differences Between SAP Systems in This Video
Last week we ran our first live webinar of 2017, titled “ Smart Synchronization for SAP Applications” . Did you get a chance to join us live? If not then you can view the 30 minute recorded version here .

This webinar answers the following question: How do we find the differences between SAP systems that impact our business processes?

We show you how our tools - LiveCompare and LiveModel - reduce the time and effort required to understand both technical and business process differences between SAP systems.

•    Learn how the analysis from both tools provides real-time visibility into what is the same, different or unique across all SAP applications.
•    Understand how to run mass comparisons (transport, development class, object name patterns, etc.), and pinpoint low level code and table data discrepancies.
•    Find out how you can identify issues and uncover the root cause of problems within minutes to ensure your SAP systems are synchronized.

The Weir Minerals story documents the value of using both LiveCompare and LiveModel to every day changes to SAP applications. This infographic gives an overview. To read the full case study, take a look here .

weir minerals SAP livecompare livemodel intellicorp
LiveModel enables Weir to discover, visualize and manage business processes. This means they can be sure all their business process models are up-to-date and reflect what is really going on in the business.

LiveCompare allows Weir to perform detailed analysis on their SAP applications, looking at the impact of change on transactions, custom code and users. LiveCompare enables Weir to keep business as usual and project systems synchronized and smart integration with HPE ALM provides a 360 degree solution to testing SAP application change.

The results for Weir have meant business change can be supported faster without increased control and risk.

If you’d like more information on how our software can help, get in contact today to book a demo.