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Everything You Need to Know About LiveCompare 3.8

LiveCompare 3.8


We’re excited to announce that LiveCompare 3.8 is now available. This release is all about supporting three critical phases of the smart DevOps lifecycle: Build, Test and Deploy.

Whether you are implementing a brand new (Greenfield) S/4 HANA system; upgrading to the latest enhancement or support pack; or going live with this week’s custom release, LiveCompare 3.8 helps you do so fast and safe.

The major themes in this release which support smart DevOps for SAP applications, include:

• Smarter Impact Analysis
• Custom ABAP Code Quality
• ABAP Object Version Comparison


Smarter Impact Analysis

We had two goals for improving LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis system:

1. Extensive support for data changes such as IMG configuration changes
2. Make it faster

LiveCompare 3.8 now highlights configuration changes, meaning you can optimise testing by selecting appropriate test data scenarios. Focused testing means better quality for less effort freeing up time to work on new innovations.
Now when we make a configuration change, LiveCompare will:

•Identify the most-at-risk object to test.
•Identify the test data scenarios that should be validated.

•Identify the most-at-risk object to test. •Identify the test data scenarios that should be validated.

Custom ABAP Code Quality

With LiveCompare 3.8 we’ve added more than a dozen new rules covering reliability, performance and complexity to drive even better code quality analysis. By using Code Watch, development managers can quickly dive into the quality of their team’s code highlighting issues.

ABAP Object Analysis with Syntax Highlighting

In 3.8 we’re implemented a new side-by-side code differencing engine which includes ABAP syntax highlighting and a code map to pin-point differences in larger. These changes make for a significantly improved experience when comparing code.

SAP applications version just about every object type. Change a program and a new version is created. Change a table definition and a new version is created.

There are several things we want to do when considering the versions of objects:

• Compare any two versions, including the inactive version
• Filter the versions to show only those with changes
• Eliminate experimental development also known as reset HEAD
• Compare the versions of objects in a transport

LiveCompare 3.8 allows users to support all these use cases.


Why Upgrade?


why upgrade to 3.8
LiveCompare 3.8 helps developers identify and fix issues before they become production defects.

LiveCompare 3.8 helps testers optimize with data-specific test scenarios to identify issues before they become production defects.

LiveCompare 3.8 helps deployment teams identify issues that at best would delay the release and at worst become production defects.

LiveCompare 3.8 is all about meeting today’s SAP time-to-production and cost-to-production needs.

LiveCompare 3.8 is simply #1 for smart DevOps for SAP applications.

Customers will get upgrade notices delivered to their inbox this week. If you’re new to LiveCompare and want to find out more, book a demo now.